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New section: Refill Cartridges

Starting today I will be starting a new section on this blog, to talk about refilling cartridges. What motivated me to create this new section today was that I got kicked out of a community in Orkut which is called “Cartridge Recyclers”, such community includes in its description: “facing those who really recycles cartridges. Recyclers of Brazil, come here to exchange ideas!”. This description apparently includes anyone who recycle cartridges, but in practice this is not how things work.

People in the community, mostly, business owners seem to be recharging, dealing with hostility and anyone who asks a question they consider basic. The moderator of the community, a guy who does not even know how to write without SCREAMING CAPITAL LETTERS WITH egoistic, calls beginners of marreteiros and challenges with specific questions about toner refill.

In this community you will find a variety of absurd talks by “recyclers”, one of them says that only makes 5 refills in each cartridge and then requires the user to buy a “new” in his shop. Another said that to make light cyan and light magenta just mix cyan and magenta with water, respectively. Ultimately, various absurd practices who seeks profit above all, even for that the client has to be fooled.

The reason I have been kicked out of the community was to have faced such “recyclers”, so such YELLING moderator fit to exclude me cowardly, so that I could no longer put my views there as well so I had no chance to replicate what he told me in the community.

Another common practice of “recyclers” is valuing your work complicating the procedure, saying that use this or that machine, etc. Although useful in some cases, most of them do not use this apparatus is necessary, and very still mind recycler on the use of machines.

Other common blunders recyclers:

  • they do not say that they use ink
  • often use inadequate inks for the cartridge
  • many use a single ink cartridges for all
  • many do not recharge photo cartridge

Of course there are exceptions, one can not deny that there are serious recyclers, using quality ink and make the right service, but finding them is increasingly difficult task. Lately many home users have solved put your hands dirty and do it themselves recharging. The problem is finding information, in any forum that information soon appear the “recyclers” to harass the newbies and often put wrong information just to the user cannot make the recharge, sellers of course that only know how to respond “make a reloading course”, kits sellers, whose instructions go along with the kit, and so on.

To help those home users that section was created, here put the experience I have doing refills at home. Recalling that never rebooted commercially cartridges, Just Reload my own, then put the procedure of the only printer cartridges I have ever had. If you are also user and would like to share their experiences feel free to comment or contact to become a developer and write your own posts.

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