Recharge HP 92

O cartucho HP 92 is one of the most easy to carry:

  • Under the label that is on top of the cartridge are 5 holes where recharge can be made, just remove the label, or stick it with the tip of the needle and inject the ink.
  • For this pigment ink cartridge Use, preferably inks that have the same characteristics of ink Vivera, especially if you're printing photos.
  • Use the thinnest possible needle, put only the tip of the needle in the cartridge, and slowly inject the ink so that it has time to spread the foam, 5ml that only refill cartridge capacity is, excess ink will leak the printhead. Dry the excess with a paper towel (paper towel or toilet paper do the trick)
  • If possible leave the cartridge rest some time after recharging (with the head of capped print), make sure it is not leaking before putting it in the printer.
  • To resolve small blockages you can use a snap & fill, a fitting which fits into the cartridge and you can suck some of the ink print head using a needleless syringe. This accessory is also used to cover the head during charging. It costs about £ 40,00 and is a good investment.
  • You can also use any cleaning solution, sold in the same stores that sell paint.
  • For large blockages usually not worth bothering, vaporetos, ultrasound machines and other solutions used by recyclers are too expensive for home users and more worth buying an original cartridge from time to time.

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Man congratulations for the initiative's Blog, I do frequently to refill these cartridges (HP92 and HP93) and is right there, It would be worth you mentioning that in HP92 not worth, do the refilling hole Solitaire, Since risks through the tryouts, But anyway, He stressed not to enter the 1 cm agulhamais, It's good, I would now like to learn how to open the cartridge to cut the walls and replacing the foam, for him to accept more ink, you know how to do that? When you have time, I could post huh, a hug!


Hello Guys!
There's no secret to increase the capacity of this ink cartridge HP 92, You must remove the cartridge cover and with the help of a craft alicatinho remove partition.
And you must buy new sponge ( usually I use the HP 27 or 56) and you put the sponge and cartridge side with a box cutter cuts a small piece to make the cartridge format.
After you put this new sponge and the cartridge is replaced by bear 20 ml of quiet inks.
You just have a headache the first time, then it gets easier.
I hope I helped, But Ate

Laís Lousada
Laís Lousada

Fabricio Olá,
I really enjoyed your blog, It helped a lot.
I loaded quiet the cartridge 92, but there's only one problem, I used the same method to the cartridge 74, but he didn't go down any ink and I put enough ink. necessarily need to descend to the ink cartridge is full?
and the procedure done to carry the hp 92 can be applied to tb hp 74?

Thank you ai