out 31 2007

Recharge HP 93

The procedure is similar to that of HP 92, But watch out for the differences:

  • Use only dye ink (Cyan, amarelo and magenta) quality.
  • There are also five holes beneath the label, But attention to the different colors:
    • The lone hole is on top of the yellow paint.
    • The two holes are left magenta ink.
    • The two holes are at right cyan ink.
  • Use a syringe for each color to avoid contamination, not worth getting washing syringe for each color, they are cheap.
  • Inject only 2ml of each color, the total capacity of this cartridge is only 7ml, inject much ink is leaking on the right.
  • Do not forget to plug the print head during charging to prevent contamination by the head.
  • Small blockages may also be solved with the same snap & fill da HP 92. Esse snap & fill suga as 3 Once color.
  • Use a cleaning solution after use snap & fill, and dry the head with absorbent paper.
  • If possible leave the cartridge rest some time after recharging (with the head of capped print), make sure it is not leaking before putting it in the printer.

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