out 31 2007

Recharge HP 99 (photographic)

This is a cartridge that most “recyclers” he says, “gives não recharge”, that's a lie the great, They say this because they do not have proper paint to put these photo cartridges. Few stores sell light cyan and light magenta, look for paints or Royal Guardian, which has ink cartridge for that specific. Do not use any nut mix paint with water to make the highlights.

The procedure is the same as the HP 93, so I will not repeat it. Pay attention only to the differences

There are also five holes beneath the label, But attention to the different colors:

  • The hole on top is the lone black ink (attention, this cartridge is black dye, is not the same HP 92)
  • The two holes are left magenta ink
  • The two holes are the right light cyan ink

O snap & fill do HP 92/93 also serves on HP 99.

Never rebooted other series cartridges 90, but apparently are all similar.

Soon put the procedure to reload the HPs 45, 78 and new HPs 02.

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