Pro Evolution Soccer 2008: first impressions

  • The difficulty was again the Pro Evolution Soccer 6, much more difficult than the Pro Evolution Soccer Winning Eleven 2007
  • It has texts option in Portuguese, but is Portuguese for Portugal, containing terms the most difficult times to understand than the English that we are used.
  • It has text in Portuguese, but no narration in Portuguese.
  • The commentator is gone.
  • Has no native wide resolutions, 1440×900 for example, only an unofficial patch is that it has this option, ridiculous huh Konami?
  • Okay heavier, sometimes gives a locked when the camera approaches, this in an NVidia 7600GT
  • The crowd behind the goals is cardboard, has no volume, ridiculous.
  • Installation takes a few hours
  • They promised the São Paulo, but not fulfilled, national team only International

Summarizing: it's good, but I expected more, mainly that the previous version of the defects were corrected, not wide resolutions and that cardboard fans were trash.

Edited: forgot to add two more things:

  • When we play with the joystick in Windows Vista, the screen saver normally comes after the appointed time without moving the mouse and the keyboard, which is annoying and is a bug that comes from the previous version and has not been corrected.
  • The audio finally uses 5.1 channels, the voice of the narrator is in the center while the screams of the crowd spread by others, and the cries of the players on the field.

Edited 2: more update: does have commentator, but it manifests very little. At least not is less repetitive, which was kind of annoying in the latest version.

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Fábio Zanardi

Foreign Bibício, blz?

and fifa 2008? testio?

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