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I recommend the excellent article in Laércio Vasconcelos ForumPCs entitled “Technologies' Muggle tricks“.

After reading it see my comments:

Bus Mouse: this is not my time Smile

Mouse de 9600 DPI: with a resolution of 1680×1050 I began to realize that this business makes sense DPI, 'm using 1200dpi on my A4Tech currently X750F, ele vai até 2500dpi, more acho that 1200 is of good size.

Interpolated Resolution Scanner: I agree plenamente, if really need to interpolate is better to leave this task pro Photoshop.

Optical zoom and digital zoom: Digital zoom is me 100% useless, I prefer to take the picture without the zoom and then cut the part that interests me, with the advantage of making the frame with calm after (cases where the subject is moving and you can not fit perfectly).

Placa those they 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 bits: I had an AWE64, but knew that she had not 64 bits. But I saw a lot of people speak it wrong.

Placa those they 192 kHz: I do not think it useless, time to really listen, 192KHz or 44KHz to me is the same thing, then it makes no big difference an A / D converter, D / A 32 bits e 192KHz ou 16 bits e 44KHz. But the purposes internally, mixing, etc… It makes a difference, and the ideal is that the sound is working at maximum possible resolution, but each filter will hurting more and the bad result is audibly (There is that word?) spacious. It's like getting opening and saving a JPG successive times, insensible losses will multiplying and becoming visible (or in this case audible).

Blank diskette "virus free": this is really the biggest bullshit

Modems DSP e HSP: these I got tired of having to explain the difference, had 2 Internal modems, ambos US Robotics DSP, made a beautiful difference in time. Nowadays I think it does, but still keep my 3Com OfficeConnect 56K Business Modem (external) for emergency access failure when Speedy.

E V.92 V.90 modems: I even wanted a V.92 season, because I was buying a new modem soon and wanted the latest technology, but the seller instead of bringing U.S. Robotics V92 external asked that brought this 3Com. Like this 3Com was much more expensive then just letting himself. And at the end of the V.92 never have served me for anything, so worth it.

USB: in fact initially was whitefly USB devices, My first was purchased in a webcam Creative 1999, I have today (no XP, because no view nem thinking…). But nothing like changing the old parallel scanner printer which had to be connected to him in a nice gambiarra two devices use the same port. Alive or USB!

BTX: and do not EVER take!! Do not want to have to sell my Thermaltake Swing Smile

Wi-fi 802.11a: esse é útil sim, in places where it already has 802.11b / g and there is too much interference. But it is useful to few.

Pentium 4: new encapsulation OLGA: these escaped, jumped straight from P3 to P4 socket 478

RAMBUS memory: consequently escaped them also, but accompanied the DDR x RAMBUS fight while it lasted. Served to remember that having the best technology is not everything (see the classic X Betamax VHS)

ETs who sought the Pentium 4: and marketing funcinou, not understand how Intel Pentium have abandoned, be called the Core 2 Pentium 5 the appeal would have been much higher. Moreover, surprise me that Prescott was not called Pentium 5, Pentium LGA and that have not been called Pentium 5.

Tecnologia Hyper-Threading: I always liked this. Gave an unobstructed in micro, on my P4 HT I put a heavy algorithm running in MATLAB and could continue browsing, listening to music, a good. In Athlon 64 this was not possible, had to keep lowering the Matlab priority to try something like.

64 bits: the appeal of software 64 bit was not really enough, here I only tell Matlab, o Office, Avast and other Microsoft software. The rest is still all 32 bits. Even worse is the lack of drivers for various hardware that are still in production line, but only support Vista 32 bits. But instead of 64 bits will arrive with the need 4GB RAM, which is very close now.

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