The new Master Systems and Mega Drives Tec Toy

This post is based on a response I wrote for a personal Mega Drive community on Orkut who were outraged by All of a sudden this post.

Unlike personal, I saw nothing wrong in the face of the post.

I have a Mega Drive III Tec Toy, and previously had a Sega Genesis that American did shit to sell.

The Mega Drive III is a Mega Drive, but does not have that same value for collector than the original version Island.

Likewise the new Master System also has no the same value, since even lost the 3D glasses entry.

Think cool Tec Toy continue selling these consoles, but I think these versions have lost their identity, changed color, in the case of Master System changed the joystick. Both have a slot for cartridge that almost exclusively serves ornament, unless you buy used games, since Tec Toy does not sell any more cartridge. Legal accessories Master System: pistola light phaser, 3D óculos, different joysticks, also gone.

Ultimately, have one of these consoles have the same value to a collector Polystation for a Nintendo collector. For those who do not know is that Polystation bizarre NES with Playstation design.

Ultimately, Tec Toy only keeps the islands to earn a little more on top of the parents who will buy the first game for the child, since delude themselves with the propaganda of the gazillion games in memory. Collector does not give money to Tec Toy (few) and sell accessories and cartridges gives even less.

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Rafael Sbarai

And aí, alright!?
Good, first I appreciate the space and respect with the Act WRITING. You did the right thing. The lawful. As much as I'm against or favor, discussed in the blogosphere. Explained. Argued. This only brings benefits the discussion, so heated nonsense reasons.
We will update the note linking your opinion.
Thank you

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Gabriel Mann

Damn my comrade….. You go to the bottom line, crosses, run to the area, jumps and…….. HITS HIS HEAD ON THE CROSSBAR???? You were doing so well…..
Just to correct your article. Collector WINS YES money because selling accessories and cartridges gives a very good money and better, without leaving home…. and the Ebay or Ebay for my house and my house via mail to buyer's House.
It…. less blah blah blah and more data.
A classic like the Streets Of Rage 3 or Bare Knuckle 3 you don't sell for less than 150 DOLLARS because the games business are really new (the cartridges have no marks of use). Another classic Comix Zone Japanese does not leave for less than 300 DOLLARS and the very rare Mega Anser does not leave for less than 1300 DOLLARS…. (look!!! the value of a PS3 here in Brazil…. .that thing huh?)
The problem is that no one understands the difference between connoisseurs and collectors.
These two consoles even, in a few years will be worth something (Since stored with box, flyers, plastics, notes and etc)

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