jan 31 2008

Refill HP 45

O HP 45 the black cartridge is some older HP printers, time that the cartridges still had a decent capacity, and not the measly milliliters of current models. One model that uses this cartridge is the Deskjet 930C, excellent printer, unfortunately abandoned by HP that it did not make a driver for Windows Vista (and what Microsoft has done is poorly the poor).

Load it is not as trivial as the series 90 presented earlier. But charging is much less common, since it supports more than 40ml. And he can handle many refills.

First, the choice of ink. This cartridge was originally used pigmented ink. There is some controversy about what paint to use, some prefer to keep the pigment in refills, others prefer the dyes. As the dyes have generally lower than the pigment particles there is no risk of clogging, But mixed with pigment dye is not recommended. Ultimately, is a controversial subject that generates much discussion and a few conclusions. I have used the dye because I have enough here and so far had no problems, but I intend to use the pigmented when that end. Anyway look for a good quality paint, bitches since ink no longer blur the text and even more blurred when used with other color sets, addition to possibly reduce the life of the cartridge.

Then we have to open the refill hole, this lies in the low cartridge. A small black sticker must be removed, Then showing the hole containing a metal sphere (the famous ball). With the right tools you can remove the ball, to recharge and then put it back in place, but the lack of tools / Patience is easier to push the ball inside and leave it there.

Now comes the part of putting ink, This cartridge has no foam / sponge, hence the recommendation to use the thinnest needle possible not apply here, you can then use the thickest to find that the procedure is faster (is much easier to fill and empty the syringe with a thicker needle).

With the ink is placed time to close the refill hole. If you took the ball just put it back in place. Otherwise you should plug the hole otherwise. Some specialty stores sell balls to spare, but stay sinking the ball every time you reload it is not a good idea, since we want a cartridge full of ink, rather than metal pellets. There are also shops that sell a rubber stopper, simple and functional, is a good idea and lasts several refills. A third option is to use glue, I have had success with hot glue (that was what I had on hand last refills) a glue but probably be most suitable pipe.

Now just put the printer and use, some? Wrong! As previously mentioned, this cartridge has no foam / sponge, so what holds the ink inside it without leak is a small pressure difference. The internal pressure should be smaller than the outer, or the ink will leak until the difference is established. And as pressurize the cartridge? All malandrão recycler will say it's impossible to do this with a syringe, that have to be machine, etc… But in practice the business works much simpler way: just take a little paint after recharging (a 2ml are sufficient). How to do it? The most practical way is with a snap & fill which can be purchased in specialty stores for about R $ 40,00 or less, there simply to use it together with a syringe to remove the ink and generate the necessary pressure difference. Some people use needles with rubber tip, adaptations Economic gut and stuff genre, never tested, but should work. Another suggestion is to open the cartridge to press the bag, what I think the worst option, much work for nothing.

With snap & fill is also possible to refill the print head, without having to open the refill hole, but do not consider this a good option, since under the print head unnecessarily, besides being a long and boring process.

I hope this post is helpful and the comments section is open to anyone who wants to put other suggestions.

Coming soon, refilling HP 78 and the new HP 02.

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