February 01 2008

Tools to backup and synchronization

Who studies / works with computers certainly have dealt with the problem of backup and / or data synchronization. Backup is essential, I remember how many fellow students saw their HDs pifarem and bring with them several important works, monograph to limit've seen entire student having to type again the eve of delivering (and even got lucky to have a printed copy). I myself have never lost any HD, but I know it can happen anytime, then give special attention to backups.

The problem of synchronization is also common when using multiple computers: home, at work, at school, on PCs and laptops, and so on. When there are few files until the business is easy, a stick and a pair of Ctrl C, Ctr V resolvem the problem. But when the number and size of files is large? This is where come into the picture some tools to speed up work. I will talk about some of them that I intend to use and evaluate, and leave comments for those who want to suggest other tools.

  • SyncToy: this powertoy Microsoft breaks a galhão time to synchronize documents between HD and USB stick, or even between two HDs. Copying only the modified, synchronize with various forms of (replicating data in one direction only or both), etc. Has a bugzinhos boring sometimes, but generally works well and is my preferred option to synchronize pendrive.
  • FolderShare: this service, acquired by Microsoft, allows two or more PCs are always synchronized (through a software that runs in the background installed in all), either through the local network or the internet. Any modified file is immediately sent to the other PCs synchronized. Nothing is stored on the server, therefore it is necessary that the PCs are connected so there is synchronization. If one of them is off no problem, when it is connected to will be updated. If the file is modified in two places before the synchronization program renames one of them by adding the name of the PC that the edited and leaves both copies for the user to choose which to keep. Ideal for micro synchronize home with work, or a laptop and a desktop, or even a working group of several persons. Unfortunately there are limitations on the maximum number of files per job (10.000) and the maximum number of tasks (10). Also in December Microsoft gave a monstrous blunder that during 3 days deleted files containing accents or special characters. They were to trash the program which could be recovered, but this did not prevent a good disorder even because you could not know what was the original folder of each. Also missed an option pro sync software run as a service, preventing the user has to be logged to synchronize.
  • Nero BackItUp: My choice to make backups to DVD RW. The ease of incremental backup is very good, which ensures the survival fragile DVD RW, because the disk is erased only when the DVD fills after several incremental backups.
  • XCopy: the old X-Copy command from the times of MS-DOS (and maintained in all versions of Windows) breaks a galhão time to copy to another folder only pictures that were taken / modified after a certain date. This directory is then recorded on DVD RW in incremental mode also. But why not download directly from the original folder? Because every time the photos they complete a DVD is recorded on DVD R, and then only those that were taken from the date of recording on DVD R should be placed on DVD RW. There was no agreement with Nero BackItUp regarding dates, then the solution was to appeal to the XCopy.
  • Acronis True Image: excellent to copy an entire partition (make an image) and restore it later (good for laptops transfer systems for example), the copy can be made hot (with the operating system running) or cold (with a boot disk loading only the software out of the SO). Took advantage over Norton Ghost, whose latest version eliminated the backup cold. Also backs up to network drives, great resource. I now intend to test its potential for incremental copies on an external hard drive backup.
  • Xdrive: while such Google GDrive is just a rumor I decided to look for other online storage services. Why store online? There is a story (do not know if true or not) a company that had headquarters in the World Trade Center, the office was in a tower and the backup was in another, and so lost the data and the backup together. For these and other's good to have a backup physically located away from the original data. I wanted something with a good storage capacity and FTP access. Unfortunately almost everything is paid. Free only little storage capacity and few resources. I ended up choosing the Xdrive, that is not the biggest or the best, but at least it has a great name (AOL) behind, unlike most, belonging to small and / or start-ups that can disappear at any time. The Xdrive offers 5GB, enough to My Documents (Word, Latex, Excel, imagery, Articles, and afins), but insufficient to my collection of photos by example. Do not have FTP, but has a proprietary software that makes the uploads, with the possibility of incremental backup and scheduling. It is too early to evaluate it, but it seems to be working well. I hope the Google logo from the market offering a larger capacity storage, causing all other services have to chase. Just remember how the services of e-mail had to chase after Gmail was launched.

Ultimately, these are the software that I am using for backup and synchronization, feel free to suggest others and / or give opinions. 🙂

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Tiago Martins
Tiago Martins

There is also the SYNCING.NET used to synchronize folders (FolderShare similar to the MS) elements and Outlook!

Site : http://www.syncing.net/pt