Unusual sentence a judge, poet and realistic.

This happened in Minas Gerais (Carmo da Cachoeira). Or juiz Ronaldo
Tovani, 31 years, replacement of the region of Varginha, Justiça former promoter, granted bail to a person caught red-handed by having stolen two chickens and have asked the delegate:
“Since when theft is a crime in Brazil bandit?”

The magistrate then plowed his sentence in verse:On the fifth day of October
Year yet fluent
In Carmo da Cachoeira
Terra Boa people
There was an unprecedented
I left unhappy.
The young Alceu Coast
Known for “Ruddy”
Leveraging the dawn
He decided to step out of line
Subtracting of others
Two tasty chickens.

Spanking a plastic bag
That right there found
The agent very smart
Hid what furtou
Leaving the scene of the crime
The way came.

Mr. Gabriel Osorio
Man tactfully
Noting which he had been
The victim of serious act
Sought authority
To give him the fact.

At the news of the crime
The diligent police
Took pains Osorio
And formed his quota
A cable and two soldiers
And maybe even a lieutenant.

Thus the apparatus
Military Police
Given the express order
Delegate holder
Did not think of anything else
But in capturing.

And after some work
The thief was found
A bar was captured
No reaction
Since then conducted
Ahead of the Delegate.

Asked by theft
Which he had committed
Said Alceu Costa
Quite extrovert
Since when theft is a crime
In Brazil bandits?

Ante so strong argument
He stopped the delegate
But duty of his office
The glaring was drawn up
Gathering the chain
That poor guy.

And today spent a month
Of the arrest occurred
Comes to my hands the investigation
What breaks my heart
Let loose or stuck
This miserable thief?

Drop it is decision
That our law refutes
For everyone knows that the law
It's for poor, preto e puta
So I ask God
That guides my conduct.

It is just the lesson
The father of these Alterosas.
It should not be in prison
Who stole two painful,
If there also are not bound
People far more charming.

After all is not as serious
What did Alceu
Because it was never the government
Or kidnapped Martinez
And much less gas
Participated ever.

Thus it is that impart
To this man of simple-minded
Based on the CPP
For you to come home
And go to live in the glory.

Turn honest man
And get out of its track
Stay in Cachoeira
Next to his family
Should, to the contrary,
Moving to Brasilia!!!*

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