sea 25 2008

DealExtreme – Compre direto from China

How about buying direct from China? On DealExtreme you buy: Computer items, accessories, accessories for car, toys, cellular, video games, lanterns, gadgets, lasers, ipod and accessories, and more.

You can also find the most diverse gadgets, all baratinhos and shipping option as gift and without the store logo so you do not have to pay tax.

Buy LED; Xenon Flashlights, computer parts and peripherals, ipod accessories, all with traveler reviews, free samples and very cheap gadgets.

In DealExtreme has: PC Accessories, Card Readers, Hubs USB, Cheap iPod Accessories, Flashlights, LEDs, Xenon, Remote control helicopters, Flash Memory, Gadgets USB, and more.

Free shipping worldwide by airmail.

Click here and good shopping!

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