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After a long time using the default WordPress theme I decided to look for something that best take advantage screen space, since most visitors use 1024×768 or but. I found this theme called i3Theme, designed by N.Design Studio, customized by MangoOrange ™ and translated into Portuguese by Erico Oliveira. I thank and congratulate all of them for the excellent work.

As you can see, the new theme has two sidebars, Getting more out of space, and the ability to drag and drop the widgets. I'm not a big fan of Mac or Apple, never really had the opportunity to use a Mac for more than 5 minutes, and so only had time to question “where's the right of this mouse?” 🙂 Portanto, this choice is due only to the fact that I liked the theme. Also installed a number of extra plugins, as the recent comments, Most Popular Articles, etc.

Once you have some time continue to cartridge refill series, with HP 78 and 02. Until then…

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