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Refill HP 02

To close the series on refill cartridges will be talking today about the new HP cartridges 02, na used HP C6180, C7180, among other.

In this series decided to use HP cartridges that are only ink tanks (as in Epson), so the print head in the printer. The advantages are clear: recharge is much easier, HP and the same resolve to take time this type of cartridge recyclers picks will end up disappearing, but lucky for them only the more expensive models use these cartridges, while the cheaper models still continue with the traditional model (black / tricolor c / printhead). Another advantage is to have 6 colors available all the time, anything keep drawing black cartridge and putting Photo, plus the ease reload only the color that you just.

The disadvantages are also clear: the print head in the printer, then very careful with it, because if she fails to get clogged or just will not be enough to play the cartridge out and buy a new, then not think about using ink slut, Ink quality here is something essential.

Another advantage of these printers is that there is no waste in cleaning, as happens in Epson or even in other HPs playing a lot of ink in the process of cleaning out. In the HP system 02 the ink used in the cleaning cartridge back to, and the printer is smart enough to do this cleaning with some frequency, when printing a certain amount of sheets or when some time is without printing. It is curious to see how a lot of ink cartridge is sucked (a suction pump for internal seemingly) and then returned to the same.

Good, Now let's talk about the charge. The original cartridges cost about £ 60,00 (black) and R $ 30,00 (color), despite the relatively low amount of ink is small and disappointing, so it pays to reload. I've seen some models of bulk-ink but it seems they do not adapt well to this scheme ink to be pulled in and out of the cartridge all the time, so I decided not to risk.

Load an original cartridge is relatively simple, a needle prick holes in the cartridge (which fit the printer nozzles) and ink injetar, but once the cartridge back to the printer it will complain that it was reloaded, that the original paint was not detected, that invalidated the warranty and all that blah blah blah, but still accept a good print, but without scoring the ink level. I did not like that very much because I do not like risking printer cartridge end and pull air (I do not know if this would happen, but do not want to risk) and bad is to check how much ink is still in the original cartridges hull matte black. I do not know if that compliance with the original ink not last long, it is possible that it will stop printing after a while, so I decided to look for another solution.

The solution were refillable cartridges with full chip and translucent. These cartridges are recognized as original, has a chip that automatically restarts and therefore never indicate which are empty. The translucent shell allows to see how much ink and so still have not run the risk of letting the ink runs out. There is also a hole in the hull itself for recharging, capped with a rubber, which facilitates charging enough or processo. Just remove the cover, inject ink with a syringe (thick needles to expedite the process, as there is no foam or nothing to worry about), plug the orifice again and replace the printer.

I do not usually indicate paint brands, but this time I open an exception and recommend both the ink as the refillable cartridges Royal, which has very similar characteristics with Original HP, I have photos printed on special paper and the tone differences are very little noticeable and require a very careful observer.

Not to say that everything is perfect, my yellow refillable cartridge has the strange habit of not being recognized by the printer from time to time (each time it is removed to be precise), being identified as defective, giving some scrambled it the problem disappears and does not reappear more as it is not removed. This happens only with yellow, and is not the chip as already changed the same with the other colors (are all the same and the part where they are glued are interchangeable) and remained the yellow to give problem. Maybe something to do with the fact that the original yellow cartridge is the only one I got to fill, but I can not say anything. Since the problem only appears in the recharge and they are infrequent (each color cartridge supports a 30ml and black double that) I'm living with him to find solution.

And here I close the series on refills, I eventually post something new it may discover. I know they missed the instructions for many other types of cartridges, but spoke only of what I know and have rebooted, because as I said in first post on refills, just do refills for own use, nothing commercial. If someone wants to write and post instructions for any other cartridge that I did not say will be very welcome, can post as a collaborator (details here).

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