Refill HP 78

Continuing the series of posts about refilling cartridges HP today I will talk about the cartridge No. 78.

O cartucho 78 is the color cartridge used in the popular HP 930C printer, together with the cartridge 45 (black), of which I have spoken here. Although this printer has already left the line a few years ago is common to find it there, as well as have mine today, despite the lack of decent driver for Windows Vista.

Despite pairing with him, o cartucho 78 is quite different from 45. While the 45 using differential pressure to hold the ink, the 78 using traditional sponge, and while the 45 é quite durável and aguenta muitas refills, the 78 is more kind of bugs, clogs easy and does not last long.

The dye inks must be of good quality, dyes preferably specific for the series 800/900 (universal ink nothing vagabond). The holes refill visible at the top of the cartridge, as in 45 you have the option to remove them and then replace them or simply sink them into, which is easier. As cartridges are sponge / foam is not necessary to pressurize or even plug the holes after recharging, simple just a tape, just to cover the holes until the next reload.

To insert the ink is the traditional way that I've talked about in other posts cartridges, paste 3 syringes (one for each color) and insira solid, without sinking the needle into the sponge to not spoil it. The original cartridge comes with 19ml, then you can put some color in 7ml. If you overdo the cartridge will be leaking.

For minor clogs a snap & fill is recommended, the model for that cartridge has the advantage that you can suck 3 cores individually. For large blockages there are all kinds of indications, Since traditional cleaning solutions, vapor, See and ultrasound. Never tested the ultrasound because I dared not buy something that costs more than the cartridge itself, but for those who does many refills might be worth taking a look at the machinery of the Free Market, there are already models for little more than £ 100,00.

In the next post I will discuss the charge of the new HP 02.

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OLa friend…. mto liked their explanations. Trying to recharge colorful but kind of bugs… well the yellow leaves, does not leave, out, missed out, etc…….
Sera q u could send me some tips via Email ??? Pq need to ask those who know, and q vi you explain very well…. That's bro, ABCs and thanks