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A long time ago there was a program called Catchup, which was maintained by Cnet, whose function was to check what software was installed on the system and warn if there was a new version of any of them. This program was very helpful and made lack when it was discontinued. Since then I have never seen anything like it, today, when I install the new version of BitComet, just before replace it by µTorrent, I saw that among the numerous forts that BitComet try to install was such a I found it interesting and I find out more about it, and is not that the little program does exactly what was CatchUp? And I think it is even better, it is very light and fast. He quickly found that more than 10 software I had installed already had updates available, as I like to always have the latest version of everything (Same as above is fully functioning) ran update all. And for those who like to test beta versions, it warns you about some of them also.

Ultimately, an excellent program that I could not help but recommend, I believe it is not so new though it is still a beta version, but I am sure that many people, as I, also did not know.

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