Mr Argentine wants to censor 'The Simpsons’

BUENOS AIRES, 13 Apr 2008 (AFP) – Argentine Congressman Lorenzo Pepe asked the prohibition of an episode of the famous animated series “Os Simpsons” wherein one of the characters calls “dictator” or President Juan Domingo Perón (1946-52, 1952-55 and 1973-74), local media reported.

Pepe, Justice Party lawmaker hair, asked the Federal Broadcasting Committee (COMFER) to prevent the spread of this chapter in the country.

In episode, not only states that Peron was a dictator as comments that, during his administration, people “disappeared”.

“I would really like a military dictatorship of Juan Peron. When you disappeared, remained missing”, conversam e os personagens Carl Lenny, during the controversial episode.

Lenny dialogue ends with the incredible assertion: “Furthermore, he was married to Madonna”, in reference to the overproduction of Hollywood “Avoid”, in which the singer played the wife of Peron.

“Os Simpsons” está há 18 years on the air. The family life to account program formed by Homer, his wife Marge and their children Bart, Lisa e Maggie.

Source: UOL

It seems not only in Brazil that Members have nothing to do and are wasting time trying to censor episodes of the Simpsons.

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Passei a odiar os Simpsons depois daquele nefasto episódio sobre os Simpsons no Brasil, que eles fizeram, recheado de preconceito e coisas ruins.