It was my first purchase from DealExtreme

Some time ago I put a post talking about DealExtreme, Hong Kong store that sells computer items, accessories, accessories for car, toys, cellular, video games, lanterns, gadgets, lasers, ipod and accessories, etc. and sends to the world, including Brazil.

And my first purchase finally arrived, a piggy keychain and flashlight w / 2 leds (the cheapest item in the store). This purchase was made on 25/03/2008 and arrived here a 3 weeks, not give 17/04/2008. See below for photos chaveirinho and packaging that DealExtreme used, notice that I used the option to be sent as gift (gift) to minimize the chances of being taxed, and in fact the package was not taxed.

DealExtreme Piggy

DealExtreme piggy with lights on

Packet DealExtreme

Now I await my next order, when you get post the pictures here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, click here.

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I bought the same product on the day 16/4 to test and until now it has not arrived, why will it be?

Danielle Núbia

Hello Fabricio!
It would be possible for you to make a list about the approximate prices of all costs of purchase. So fik easier for us to see the advantages of using direct from china.

[…] I've been shopping directly from China for over 10 years. My first little pig DX came 2008. Nevertheless, mobile is something I had never bought from there. Even because in the past […]

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