It was my first purchase from DealExtreme

Some time ago I put a post talking about DealExtreme, Hong Kong store that sells computer items, accessories, accessories for car, toys, cellular, video games, lanterns, gadgets, lasers, ipod and accessories, etc. and sends to the world, including Brazil.

And my first purchase finally arrived, a piggy keychain and flashlight w / 2 leds (the cheapest item in the store). This purchase was made on 25/03/2008 and arrived here a 3 weeks, not give 17/04/2008. See below for photos chaveirinho and packaging that DealExtreme used, notice that I used the option to be sent as gift (gift) to minimize the chances of being taxed, and in fact the package was not taxed.

Porquinho da DealExtreme

Porquinho da DealExtreme com as luzes acesas

Packet DealExtreme

Now I await my next order, when you get post the pictures here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, click here.

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Comprei o mesmo produto no dia 16/4 pra testar e ateh agora nao chegou, pq será?

Danielle Núbia
Danielle Núbia

Hello Fabricio!
Seria possível vc fazer uma listagem sobre os preços aproximados de todos os custos da compra. Assim fik mais fácil pra gente visualizar as vantagens de se com pra direto da china.