Dicas DealExtreme: Code for tracking on orders over $ 15

A good tip is to always make purchases of at least 15 U.S. dollar, because then they will send the registered airmail, so that we can track your order at the post office site, besides that mail will take extra care and only deliver the parcel signed by someone in the house.

Purchases under 15 U.S. dollar comes without registration, and therefore it is not possible to trace them, besides being thrown on the floor or in the mailbox as normal letters.

But to buy several items of low value, avoid the purchase of pass very 15 U.S. dollar, search distributing all items in different packages 15 U.S. dollar, for packages with many items are more likely to be taxed, and how the shipping is free does not cost split.

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I just bought 84 dollars in products and even paid EMS 15 U.S. dollars will be coming all in one package? if strikethrough which the value?


Remote Controle:http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.3072

I want to buy this remote but do not know if it's easy to know how to install instalar.Você?If you have to install the fils of electricity from lamp accessory that comes with the control, or if you are leaving the accessory that comes with the lamp near the control that already works?
Thank you




asked Tudo in the same package because I want to get u the same time
asked a laser batteries and charger, só or laser foi 54 U.S. dollar
EMS and asked why they would arrive faster!


thanks for the reply!


I made a purchase 54 U.S. dollar, and if I'm not mistaken orders of 50 taxadas.Eu dollars are wondering about what will be the fee.
Thank you.


I ordered a mp4 and the package is not big, so I guess that will not be taxado.Tomara that is not taxed, because my purchase will not have been worth.
Thanks again Fernando.


Fernando, what you look for to know if the product was not labeled or?


Mal foi, Fernando Fabricio not.


Fabricio, as the post office are on strike I have a duvida.Você can tell me, with the strike, various products will pass the IRS without being taxed or will continue to tax the products normally?


I novo.Apos of the mercdoria have arrived in Brazil go to some oversight, you know how many days after having arrived in Brazil mercaoria is taken for inspection?


friend, I want to make a deal on dealextream, was able to login, but the transaction might ngak OK to ya…. What no one can give tau, tq


how to know where are my goods, which is a value less than 15 dollars, are over 30 small orders that do not chegão, escrevi not give 9 on December bought 15 October

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