April 24 2008

Dicas DealExtreme: Send as gift (gift)

To that DealExtreme send your order as a gift (gift), and minimize the chances that the IRS taxe your package, simply add the item “Drop Shipment and Gift Service (Removes DX logo from package)” his shopping, will cost only 0,01 dollar and is easily found in the bestseller section (Top Sellers).

In addition to using this option all logos and name are removed from the package store, and just put the name of an individual.

By law, packets sent from individual to individual, as gift and declared value of less than 50 dollars are not taxed.

This does not guarantee that the package will not be taxed, afinal're not Brazil, country taxes, but the odds decrease considerably.

Click here to buy at DealExtreme or here to see the other posts about the store

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