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I received the following text by email, Arnaldo Jabor assigned to. As is common assigning to him texts that he did not write I will leave the question to confirm authorship or non-authorship. But regardless of who the author is a very interesting text that almost half of my contact list fits in at least some of the items, and probably the personnel of its list also fits, and sincerely hope that you do not fit well, mas ainda há tempo para mudar 🙂

“Always hated what most people do with their MSN's. I'm not talking this time of unbearable emotions that transformed reading in a decoding game, but declarations of love, miss, excitement translated by nick.

The space 'name’ foi criado pela Microsoft para que você digite O NOME que lhe foi dado no batismo. Assim seus amigos aparecem de forma ordenada e você não tem que ficar clicando em cima dos mesmos pra descobrir que ‘Vendo Abadá do Chiclete e Iveteé na verdade Tiago Carvalho, ou ‘Ainda te amo Pedro Henriqueé o MSN de Marcela Cordeiro. But the best part of the game is that usually the nick says a lot about the mood and profile of the person. Therefore, every time you find a nick of those around, pare para analisar que você já saberá tudo sobre a pessoa

'A-M-I-G-A-S was perfect weekend!!!’ acabou de entrar. This certainly, as well as friends piriguetes (dangerous), broke up and is encalhadona. Uma semana antes estava com o nick ‘O fim de semana prometeQuer mostrar pro ex e pros peguetes (hazardous) that has its own life, but the only thing that made the weekend was filling the tail Balalaika, Baikal and Velho Barreiro and kiss a repeated mouths. The worst is that you know the couple and is in the midst of 'shooting', since her ex is also known your, enters the nickname 'Today has more ballad!’, trying to impress your friends and friends and new prey his sights, that your life is more than busy, besides trying to anger in the former.

‘Polly em NYacabou de entrar. This certainly want everyone to know that she is in a nice trip. Both soon to put a photo of 5th Avenue on Orkut with the caption 'I in New York'. Por que ninguém bota no Orkut foto de uma viagem feita a Praia-Grande – SP ?

‘Quando Deus te desenhou ele tava namorandoacabou de entrar. This person probably has no creativity, musical taste and interest in culture. Just listen to what is fashionable and most played on the charts. Normalmente coloca trechos como ‘Diga que valeuuuou ‘O Asa Arreiana época do carnaval.

Why does life do this to me?’ acabou de entrar. When that person immediately enter block. Is depressed because he took a kick in the ass and will call you to stay talking about the ex.

‘Maria Paula ocupada prá c**acabou de entrar. If you are busy will put c **, why came face pale? When you see such a person get, pull chat just to reviewing; she will not resist flashing blue little window on the small screen and will definitely work into space. Sure.

'Paulão, quero você acima de tudoacabou de entrar. If you love to buy an apartment and go live with him. A tip: Woman loves play with her friends. The more you show that such of Filho's all good, the greater the chances of you having the eye bored by your friends piriguetes (dangerous).

‘Marizinha no banhoacabou de entrar. This can no longer come unglued MSN. How long will drink water exchange your nickname for 'Marizinha drinking water'. Won father a laptop to use while in the bathroom, but never have the courage to put the nickname 'Marizinha enrolled the boy in swimming'.

'< . ººº< . ººº< / @ || and $ $ ! || |-| @ >ªªª . >ªªª >’ acabou de entrar. This one think his name is Da Vinci Code ready to be decoded. Care to talk: she can say 'q vc eh mtu déixxx, q vc like di mtuXXX, you send one bjuxx '.

‘Galinha que persegue pato morre afogadaacabou de entrar. This al took a zig and is dying to have a scratch on piriguete that is giving up your ex. When you are at peace with life, often use other nicks-sayings of Dalai Lama, Lair de Souza and Co..

'SELL tickets to the chopada, Cabin Live Summer Festival, ABADÁ OF EVA, Bonfim Light, bate-volta da vaquejada de Serrinha e LPacabou de entrar. This person is desperate to earn extra money and think that little window of 200 x 115 pixels rising in my computer advertising space.

'Take me by the hair, feel my scent, throw me in the air, me leve pro seu banheiro…’ acabou de entrar. Always use a proverb, piece of music or nick seductive. Love to wear funk snippets or pagoda with double meaning. Is there 6 months without giving a slap in the monkey and is dying to get someone to do the chore.

‘Danny Bananinhaacabou de entrar. Want anyway topple a nickname for itself, but all insist you call Melecão, your school nickname. Loves to compare the tasty celebrities, put photos taken by herself in the mirror with her breasts out of the pink blouse. Want to be famous. But not come nor the extra Hotline.

Well that's it, if they want to write a message, statement or anything like that, tem o campo certo em opções ‘digitem uma mensagem pessoal para que seus contatos a vejam’ actually, is well below the name of the field!! We will facilitate!!!!

In time, after reading the text I remembered a very useful feature that exists in the ICQ from the time he was much more popular than MSN. ICQ was possible to redefine the names displayed in your contact list. So you were not required to guess which was the new idiot nick your friend chose to get find it in the list, or tolerate the many idiots messages cited in the text, enough set the Tiago Carvalho appear in your list forever as Tiago Carvalho, regardless of any oddity that he has chosen to appear. Features like this are lacking on MSN.

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Adriano Miranda

Na verdade existe esse recurso no msn sim. Clique com o botão direito no contato, depois vá emEditar Contato”, aí é só colocar o nome emApelido”.

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