May 20 2008

Another package arrived from DealExtreme

Arrived today another package DealExtreme, this time with a package 3 Products to achieve the minimum 15 dollars that come with the package tracking code. This purchase was made on 22/04 and arrived today, 20/05. Strangely when tracking code on the website in the section Post “International” stated only that he arrived in Rio de Janeiro in 05/05 and nothing else. And how to track it “national” shows that he went out for delivery here in my city, but no information before that. So is a tip for those who are expecting packages registered, if marcardo who arrived in Rio de Janeiro something not necessarily appear in the system when he gets out of there, and also is a hint to periodically look at the national ordering system to see if the package has arrived in your city. Not that this is a rule, it is my first recorded package, but worth checking out. Below the photo package, with the record label, sent as Gift and value declared 35 Hong Kong dollars, a value that seems to be standard on all purchases in DealExtreme, or equivalent to less than 5 USD. Note that the package has not been opened or taxed.

Packet DealExtreme

Now for the products, primarily a Shrink wrapping after rede, good for those who eventually need to connect notebooks wired network while traveling, etc., it occupies little space in the bag, unlike a traditional network cable. The pairs are untwisted, therefore it is not recommended for definitive solutions. See the picture below:

The second product is a package Dynamo Flashlight with 3 High brightness LEDs. It does not need batteries, reloads just pulling a cord, has a dial to control the brightness and measures just 10,9cm long, 2.9 cm diameter and 3.3 cm in head. For specifications on the box says that the internal battery is the type of NiMH 3.6V and 80mA, which is good news, because NiMH batteries do not suffer from the memory effect of NiCd. Also according to the package, tow rope for 1 minute is enough to 30 functioning minutes, and guarantor of full load 2,5 a 3 operating hours. The construction appears to be good, and is a good buy for those who want a flashlight that you do not need to be worrying about buying and exchanging batteries.

The third product is a package RJ45 cable tester, Rj11 and USB. Much cheaper than any tester you can buy here in Brazil. It tests only one wire at a time, each press the center button will changing the wire being tested, so unlike the more expensive testers (R$ 200,00 Up to here in Brazil) indicating that the cable is good, whether or not crossover, etc. it only turns on the light of which wire is sending signal from one side (TX) and in which the signal wire is being received from other (RX), and so on crossover cables you must know which are the intersections. On the other hand this can be an advantage because it is easy to detect short eg. With the switch to AUTO the unit will automatically tested by changing the wire, the TEST position the wire tested is changed by pressing the center key (that came through loose). If on one hand the RJ45 test is relaxed, testing the RJ11 (phone) is quite complicated, There are two adapters to fit them into the RJ45 place, but I could not connect the cable with them, direct and connecting the RJ45 jack works, but gives a lot of work to remove the cable after. Testers many RJ11 I recommend choose one of the other models in the store, some simpler testing RJ45 and RJ11 only and also other more sophisticated test RJ45, RJ11, USB e firewire. The unit operates on a 9V battery (not included), and the boring is that an alkaline 9V battery costs more than what I paid for this tester :). The manual is in English and Chinese.

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update: initially the AUTO function does not work, but found out it was because of the battery that was already half weak, a 7V which allowed the device functioned well, but not in AUTO. Replacing with a newer everything worked perfectly.

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