May 25 2008

Apache not Windows Vista

I now use some of the tests Apache no Windows Vista, for a future upgrade on my web server. Initially did not work and when searching for information on Google realized that many were having the same problem and among the solutions found was even to disable UAC (User Access Control) and the Firewall, what I think two unacceptable attitudes. Após alguns testes percebi que os principais problemas estavam relacionados a permissões de escrita no diretório “Program Files (x86)” onde a instalação é feita por padrão, and where Windows Vista restricts the permissions quite.

The problem apparently is that Apache has not yet been adapted to Windows Vista, unfortunately, e dessa forma ele ignora que arquivos de log e de configuração não deveriam ficar na “Program Files (x86)”. But to solve the problem simply install Apache on any other folder (eu usei “C:\Tools\”), and so end up with the permission problems, the configuration files are created normally and log also. Editing the access permissions you can also leave the restricted access to administrators, preventing other users from messing where they should not.

Finally you must configure the Apache Monitor to run as administrator, because running as a user he is not allowed to start or stop the service. It's a boring either have to confirm your execution every time Windows starts, but it's the only way I found, and already have RivaTuner and other programs running in the same scheme.

Creio que o PHP também rode sem problemas usando a mesma solução do diretório fora do “Program Files”. Now we check whether MySQL is already adapted to Windows Vista, I prefer to think so, since he even has an x64 version, mas fico na dúvida porque por padrão ele também grava seus dados no “Program Files” (at least in XP is so). If someone already knows the answer feel free to comment.

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