MySQL no Windows Vista x64

After writing the last post about Apache and PHP on Windows Vista decided to leave soon for MySQL, and so ensure that a server solution “WAMP” It works perfectly using Windows Vista x64.

Then went to the site do MySQL download the version of 64 bits para Windows, which already included the inscription “AMD64 / Intel EM64T”, what we already consider it a good sign, as some recommend their versions of software 64 and only bit related to Itaniums. But to read the platform of notes appears a worrying phrase:

“A Windows operating system such as 2000, XP, View, or Windows Server 2003. Only 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 2000 and later are supported; however, 64-bit Windows Vista is not yet supported. Windows 95/98/ME and versions of Windows older than these are no longer supported.”

Windows Vista 64 unsupported bits? So is problem! But I decided to try anyway, and the installation ended up being quieter than expected. Some tutorials on the network speak again disable UAC and related, but it did not take any of this, was enough to run the installer as administrator (what was expected) and the installation was quiet until the time runs MySQL Instance Config, at this point it is necessary to cancel it, because it runs as a regular user and so the settings can not be recorded in the .ini file, which is in the installation directory (no Program Files). Then just cancel the little program and then run it as administrator (search for it in the directory where MySQL is installed). Then yes the configuration can be done and ready, MySQL is already running.

Now yes Windows Vista set 64 bits + Apache + PHP + MySQL seems to be ready to run.

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