May 27 2008

Two more packages from DealExtreme

Today got two more packages DealExtreme, both orders em 05/05, sent in 08/05 and arrived today, 27/05 (was supposed to arrive yesterday, but there was nobody to receive), It took some time and this was neither taxed nor open by the IRS.

Below the photo of the two packages:

Now for the products:

Digital Body Thermometer (Digital Thermometer):]

Digital Thermometer

To measure the temperature corporeal, vulgar “view is com febre”. 🙂 Muito mais barato do que o vendido nas farmácias por aqui. Reads temperature in just a minute (less than traditional mercury thermometers), is digital and easy to read (no tilting stand until finding the right position). Manual in English, although not necessary. Comes in a plastic estojinho. For those who want to spend more DealExtreme also has a version with infrared, making instantaneous measurements and just put the tip of his ear, it also measures temperature and objects. But such costs almost digital 1/10 the price of other, I stayed with him even. 🙂

IQ Teaser Ring (Set of Seven):

IQ Teaser Ring

I always liked those toys that “IQ test”, here comes seven of them in mini version, are well feitinhos and size does not hurt anything in the game, except perhaps for the metal thickness that allows some may engraçadinho “steal” forcing the metal to disengage parts. Some came fitted, other undocked, e teve uma que veio desencaixada que eu não consigo nem encaixar 🙁 Para quem gosta, is a great fun to spend time, and you can take along for queues of banks and other unpleasant places where there is nothing to do but wait.

Cute Mario Figure Keychain (2-Pack) (Chaveirinhos of Mario)

Chaveirinhos of Mario

They say they are official Nintendo, I do not know if this is true, but at least they are very well made. As you can see in the picture, came 3 Mary and that other do not remember the name. The downside is that you can not choose, knowing that you will purchase two, but do not know what will, and risks come also repeated. Claudia will choose two of these and I with the other two. 🙂

Super Mini Dice (Colorful 100-Pack) (Mini Dadinhos, package 100)

Mini Dados

Esse é da Claudia. Actually came 102 dices :). Very small, smaller than I thought they were, even having seen the dimensions on there site. I do not know if it would be good to play Monopoly with them, since they are so small jump and disappear with ease, but they sure are fun. It also has a pack of 50 dices slightly higher in DealExtreme, In addition sized data, and other options larger.

Mini Pig 2 LEDs Flashlight White (Mini Pig Flashlight with White 2 LEDs)

Mini Pig Flashlight with White 2 LEDs

This is also the Clau, I wanted one so he saw my (My first purchase from DealExtreme). I put his picture on the package because I did review it and put pictures of him lit on post from my first purchase, check there.

Electronic Bicycle Speedometer (Electronic Bicycle Speedometer)

Velocímetro de Bicicleta

Always liked speedometers, quando era criança até tinha um que ficava virando manualmente para ver os números mudarem 🙂 Na minha bicicletinha tinha um analógico, then had a bigger bike in a digital, unfortunately some son of a p * stole, a bike and or speedometer along. When I saw this on the DX for a price as good, não tive dúvidas e resolvi comprar 🙂 Ainda não o testei na bicicleta, so I can not say much, only that it marks speed, total distance traveled, trip distance, average speed, speed, time percorrido, rpm, clock and allows adjustments of the traditional wheel diameter to mark everything with precision). Now we need a holiday or a day off to test, pena que os feriados acabaram esse ano 🙁

Solar Powered Shaking and Nodding Desktop Toy (Toy Mesa Solar Shaking Head to Stay)

Brinquedinho Solar que balança a cabeça

I saw na Logo DealExtreme remembered my desk that takes a hell of a sun in the afternoon this time of year, and I thought all that energy could be useful. Good, I did not find anything really useful for solar over there, despite the DX have numerous solar products, among shippers and related, but I found this really fun toy :). Already there at my desk shaking his head and looking at me.

Green Shopping Bags (Assorted 2-Pack) (Green Purchasing Sacolas)

Green Purchasing Sacolas

Not, I'm not colorblind, the bags are green in the sense that they do not harm the environment, but the colors are assorted and when you purchase comes two, but you can not choose the colors, in this case blue and yellow shaft, the yellow SpongeBob, the blue I do not know what bug is that. Not open to see how, because they are the Clau, so I left it to her, that she then comment here :P. But I saw that they have zipper and chain, I think each one is a kit bag + bag, interesting.

And I'm here, until the next purchase. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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