Two more products from DealExtreme

Two more products from DealExtreme arrived here today, on request 06/05, sent in two parts, half day 12/05, that arrived today (29/05) and the other part of the day 14/05, has not yet arrived. Unfortunately this has DealExtreme “mania” sending requests when partial lack some product, that is firstly good, but otherwise sucks, as in the case of partial shipments only the first part has registered (acima purchases of 15 U.S. dollar), and the second comes without registration. In this particular case were 5 products, only 2 came the first shipment and are the cheapest, in other words, the 3 products more expensive shipment will come without registration.

Below the photo package, again was not taxed, despite DealExtreme have exaggerated a bit on content description: “UV Flashlights, Special Services, Camping/Hiking Needs, Hard-To-Find Gadgets, Alarms/Security, Home Eletronics”, a description somewhat exaggerated for a simple chaveirinho and a pen with a UV LED, gives the impression that it has a lot of products, besides I have read reports from people abroad who have had to go through customs open the package to show what they were hard to find gadgets. But here everything went right, I hope the same happens with the second part of the consignment and that no postal worker, customs, airport, etc. resolva roubá-la, since it is unregistered.

Now for the products:

Invisible Ink Pen (Caneta with color Invisível)

Caneta with color Invisível

Caneta with color Invisível

A pen with invisible ink, reagent to ultraviolet light, that the tip has led ultraviolet light that reveals the messages written with pen, should not have much use, but it is interesting and very cheap. And indeed, the text written on paper with invisible it is no ultraviolet light to reveal it.

Whistle Controlled Anti-theft Anti-Lost Security Keychain (Sound Light) (Chains with Safety Anti-Loss and Anti-Theft Controlled Whistle (Som Luz))

Chains with Safety Anti-Loss and Anti-Theft Controlled Whistle (Luz+Som)

A keychain that beeps and lights up when “hears” a whistle, so when you lose your keys just whistle to find out where he is. Also interesting and very cheap. My black shaft, DealExtreme is pictured in a white, but in the description there says they send black as white is not available. The packaging is also different, came just a small cardboard box unmarked and keychain in a plastic bag inside, The keychain also came with a plastic seal that isolates the battery, not to stand idly wasting the battery yet to be used.

Basically two products are cheaper than you can ask for the complete 15 dollars and win the tracking code, mas pode acontecer do pedido ser fracionado como o meu e a vantagem se perder 🙁

And I'm here, awaiting only the last packet which is the complement of this application. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Carlos Figueiredo

I'll buy a mini note book. As living things missing, I'm afraid of losing him. Is there any alarm device I portasse, the watch or wallet, for example, connected to one another to stay on this note book and a beep (of course, one I portasse), let's say if I distanced type 1,50 m of the apparatus?

Thanks very much a response.

Thank you.

Carlos Figueiredo

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