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Today the package arrived with the rest of the items that were missing from my last request. As I told Nesse post, they sent only two items because the rest was not available, and then sent what was missing. If this fractionation is positive on the one hand, because they already have come before, the other is negative because the second part comes without the tracking code (If you have purchased 15 dollars or more).

The package, therefore, came without trace as seen in the photo below, Saiu de lá not give 14/05 and arrived today, 03/06. As usual came as Gift and insured with 45 Hong Kong dollars (under 5 USD), Revenue did not open the package or Taxed.

Packet DealExtreme

Now for the products:

LCD Digital Clock Thermometer and Humidity Meter (LCD Digital Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

LCD Digital Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

This item costs about R $ 100,00 Free Market and shops in the industry on the Internet, always wanted a, but never had the courage to pay both, and when there na DealExtreme, did not want to miss the opportunity. This equipment is good for anyone who measures the temperature of the PC (para overclock, tests of cooler, etc) and need to know the temperature at which the test is being done, it is also good to have an idea of ​​how the PC heats up the environment, temperature near him is always greater than in the other parts of your home or office. But unfortunately I was lucky with this equipment, because the first time I ordered the package and gone astray (had no tracking code), DealExtreme reversed the payment, I made the purchase again, this time to ask a few things more complete 15 eb rastreamento U.S. dollars, fractionated but the request and came back without a trace, But this time arrived. Just come with default, the first digit of the time does not appear, and the particulars of “AM”, “PM” and “Alarm”. Have I contacted the DealExtreme, warning about the defect and hopefully get it for themselves. Anyway the temperature and relative humidity are shown apparently correctly. Uses one AAA battery (included).

Stylish Fluid-filled Compass (Compass filled with fluid stylish)

Compass full of Stylish fluid

The description was a bit strange in Portuguese, but the translation is literal than DealExtreme put there :). It is one of the items most baratinhos and is on the bestseller list. I've never used a compass except in elementary school where we were introduced, but I can not deny that it has lost its usefulness when we, or simply when we are somewhere distant and imagined: “Which way is which is my home?”. The fluid as well stabilizes the needle, that is not giving any sudden jumps and inaccurate as the simplest compasses. It is also cool to show the power of magnets, as to bring it some speaker boxes from the PC sound the needle already lost land north and points to the loudspeaker.

Real Growable Lucky Bamboo Plant In-a-Bottle Keychain (2-Pack) (Keychain Lucky Bamboo Plant, Real and culturable in a flask) (Pack com 2)

Keychain Lucky Bamboo Plant, Real and culturable in a flask

Also on bestseller list, has no utility, but it is interesting, the sprout is in a fluid containing all the nutrients that can grow, so just let it get a little light and it will grow naturally without needing anything. When it gets too big the bottle can be removed and planted in common. Ah Sim, some Chinese grow these plants because they bring luck acreditamque, I do not believe it, just found it interesting and useful to complete 15 dollars package :).

And I'm here, waiting for the DealExtreme replace the clock thermometer hygrometer LCD that came with defect, what I believe is quiet, because at the time of the loss they were much better than many stores in Brazil and by the accounts of other users see that the treatment with the client there in Hong Kong is much better than what we are used to here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update: already got in touch with DealExtreme and they will send you another clock / thermometer / hygrometer that came to replace the defective, all it took was a photo of the defective product, even gave me option to choose another product if I wanted. I wish the online stores were also well, who ever had to use RMA of online stores know the pain-to-head that is.

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Fabricio e / ou do skooter loss, I bought a product on DX, rastreei, one week's standing, I contacted the post office here locally (Cuiabá) and no one knows the whereabouts. When I contacted the “Talk With couriers” by phone, I was asked how data CNPJ, address, weight and type of delivery. I wonder how to get in touch with the DX and know about these data, or how to proceed with the DX to have the money refunded, since the post office is encomenta claim that the sender until further notice.

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