Dual boot com Windows Vista e Windows XP

This is another article to keep the tradition of writing the solution to any task or problem that has given me a bit of work, so that in future I can read again and when you need to have already forgotten the solution, and eventually for someone besides me to take advantage of it.

The task today was to install Windows XP on a machine that already had Windows Vista installed and enable dual boot to choose between them on startup. The first step would normally resize the Vista partition to spare space for XP, what currently appears to be trivial since the Disk Management in Windows Vista allows resizing partitions, dispensing third-party tools like Partition Magic and related. But in my case it was not necessary to resize, for a long time usually adopt a schema 3 partitions on my hard drives, do it since I tried to install a Windows 98 on a system that already had Windows XP on the only partition, and did not get at all, Perhaps we should to change the active partition to the new partition, but never know, at the time my knowledge of primary partitions, extended, etc. was limited.

From então, started to adopt such a scheme of 3 partitions: one for Windows 98 / ME to capture video, as my card had no time drivers for XP, another to play with Linux, and the third for SO I wore more, o Windows XP.

Hereafter, with the problem of video capture card solved, I started using the active primary partition with MS-DOS 7.1 (unofficial version that supports long filenames, FAT32, etc…) I eventually used for BIOS and programs that only run on pure DOS.

With Windows Vista this setting turned out to be inherited, the primary partition was only the boot files, a second much larger partition with Windows Vista and a third who also had a Windows Vista that served as a guinea pig to try to solve problems, as the webcam that wanted not work at all in the default installation but it worked in the guinea pig.

And as history shows that some problems are repeated, my current video capture card, Prolink PlayTV Pixelview an Ultra Pro, does not have drivers for Windows Vista x64 and probably never will, since the Prolink blames the chip manufacturer, I seems to Sharp, which also seems to have no interest in launching a driver 64 bits. I do not want to buy another capture card now because've been pretty much everything I wanted from VHS to DVD: graduations of eighth grade, high school and college, the two Cup final which Brazil won (after I was born) and three world interclub the São Paulo won, and so would only use it if necessary. And with DVD recorders and digital camcorders everything indicates that an analog capture card tends to be increasingly useless, and the same applies for analog TV tuner cards have these, that sooner or later will be useless with the arrival of digital TV, and still unknown to a capture card that works with Brazilian digital system (actually has some, but are not limited to HD and capture the 1sec signal 320×240, for mobile devices).

After this huge introduction I want to do is to continue using Windows Vista, but with a small partition with Windows XP only to capture video when necessary. Um something much inconvenience, but in some points up a good, for video capture requires exclusive processor and disk to prevent loss of frames, and nothing better than a S.O. mild, with nothing but the essential installed, for this.

The solution adopted was as follows: install Windows XP on the partition that was once the guinea pig, and so he threw his boot tranqueirada in small partition that has only the boot files even. Of course I had to repeat the installation because Windows XP does not detect the hard drive and needed a floppy disk with the Intel drivers, so far not enter me in the head because Microsoft requires that the drivers are in a diskette, an almost obsolete media already at the time that XP was released, and that just is not totally obsolete today because of these stupid things from companies like Microsoft. Why not allow the drivers were on a flash drive, CD, etc… It is beyond my ability to comprehend, since the flash drive and a memory stick that was in a card reader XP had already acknowledged in installation.

After installing Windows XP will have overwritten the MBR and so the Windows Vista menu is gone, but just use the Vista installation disc, recovery option to choose (non-automatic), access the prompt and type:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

Soon, Now the View menu again, but there is no way to access XP. To add XP to Vista menu used the software EasyBCD, removing the option to enter the guinea pig Vista and adding the option to enter the XP.

And ready! Dual boot configurado, Windows Vista as the default for the tasks of day-to-day, and XP w / SP3 exclusive to capture video, only installed the motherboard drivers, the drivers for the Audigy 2 ZS, drivers from NVidia (video card), audio and video codecs, Programas e drivers that PlayTV Pro Ultra eo Virtualdud.

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