Photos of Brazil Open ballooning em River course

Yesterday (29/06/2008) happened in the last stage of the Brazil Open ballooning in the city of Rio Claro-SP. The Ballooning in Rio Claro is already becoming a tradition for the birthday festivities city, where for about a week balloons color the skies of blue city. Yesterday happened the last test (test key), attended by thousands of people from Rio Claro and region were the airfield nearby and attend the event. Unfortunately the organizers disappoint, leaving thousands of people all afternoon seeing absolutely nothing, since nothing was happening and there was no little balloon in the sky. Only at the very end of the afternoon, with the sun almost setting, the proof is that happened and balloons appeared for the exam that would end with the sunset, in other words, lasted only a few minutes. Another comedy were the narrators of the event, with all its excitement by saying: “Look there, has a truck on the track, Something is happening”. Obviously everybody could see it had a truck on the track and that SOMETHING was going, what was expected is that they say WHAT was going on.

Another disappointment occurred due to the show's Smoke Squadron, which is a more long-standing tradition still, every year attend the festivities and perform a beautiful show of acrobatics. But this year so far I do not know if they even appeared, or appeared but no one saw (it seems that it rained on the appointed day and was canceled).

Despite the disappointments, the few minutes that the balloons were in the air provided some beautiful photos, which you can check here.

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