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Some time ago we reported this post who had moved the blog to a new server, now with own domain (skooterweb.com), out of a makeshift accommodation with catastrophic Speedy of Telefonica, for the HostGator, estadosunidense hosting service based in Houston, Texas and apparently server in New York City, well away from the problematic routers Telefonica, who stopped the Internet in the state of Sao Paulo for two days. Now, one month after the change the site is with an availability of 99,99% as can be seen Here the HostTracker, and just was not 100% because the servers responded with error 500 (Internal server error) for a few minutes, for reasons still unknown, but in no time the link dropped.

But not everything went swimmingly to this change, unfortunately plunged visits on behalf of seekers, mainly MSN Search, or Live Search, or whatever it is that Microsoft wants us to call it now. The fact is that since the change all pages in the old address were redirected to the new code using the http 301 (permanent redirect), that automatically informs the new address to the browser of anyone trying to access the old address, all transparently to the user. It is expected that the bots of search engines also automatically redirect, after the use of the code 301 in address changes is what they themselves recommend, but in practice it is not so that things work.

The bot Google (I know how it is unnecessary to link Google, but I will do so in order to help keep the web with the purpose for which it was made, hypertext) slowly began to index new pages, and today, almost a month later, I have right now about 77.800 Pages Indexed by Google, and still about 44.400 indexed pages in the old address (with the same code 301 there all this time). The sum of the two numbers gives approximately the amount of págians I had Indexed old address before the change, then it can be said that Google is working straight, although there is a match 1 to 1 nas pages desindexadas / indexed (There are pages that are gone, others are registered with two addresses). It is true that initially the pages of the new address appeared far of the first search results, but this has been changing as Google comes “readmitindo” a “importance” of such pages.

The bot Yahoo very occasionally gives the guys, and yet indexed 352 only pages, but Yahoo was never the best to send me visitors, then do not care so much about it.

Now the bot MSN is undoubtedly the most problematic, it was he who sent the largest number of visits here, but now comes desindexando the old pages and does not index the new. At this moment are just 40 indexed pages with the new address, and further 32.500 indexed with the old address. Even with the same recommendation of them do the redirect with code 301, the bot of them following the refusal to the new address. To get an idea, according to statistics gathered by Apache and synthesized by AWStats, this month, to date, MSN bot made only 40 requests to my server (the same number of indexed pages), without counting 102 access to the robots.txt file (which contains no restriction). Interestingly the MSNbot-media that indexes images of the site to search for images already made 13.036 requests this month. Why are my pictures are interesting for Microsoft and my pages are not? This is a mystery to which I have no answer, and I can only wait for a day Microsoft re-index my pages, and I hope that day comes before I have given up everything, since after the change the gains from AdSense evil will take to pay hosting and domain, since plummeted to just a few visits 10% than in the past. Just for comparison the Googlebot ordered 69.301 same period of 9 days, only 24 requests to robots.txt. After all why Microsoft takes both the robots.txt if it will not index anything? Having more pro robots.txt requests than for all other pages together is somewhat absurd. Yet at the same time Yahoo Slurp (bot do Yahoo) ordered 3000 pages, of which only indexed about 10%, which is also quite disproportionate.

Still on the MSNbot, remember that before the changes his activities were so intense that site that just saturating my poor bum nominal link 300 kbps (220 in practice) incompetent Telefonica, were about 60.000 requests a day coming solely from MSNBot, and just was not initially because the link could not stand. Of course I could have put a configuration (Microsoft offers) to control the interval between requests, which would slow down a bit indexing, but as the increase in the amount of visits come MSN soared, I thought I could advance the switch to a server with decent link and enjoy the moment, but unfortunately it seems that in practice the best would have been the congested link, where many people wanted to access the site and some could not, than now when everyone can access, but no one wants.

Ah Sim, can be asked why not keep the old link pointing directly to here (that 301) to at least maintain the gains. The answer is simple, the address of the No-IP can only be redirected to IPs, and I do not have a specific IP. Pay for own IP could possibly work, but in practice it all only delay the process of getting links to your new address, since many people still see the old and linking him.

Ultimately, end without major conclusions, not to be that you think carefully before changing URL, especially if their main source of visitations is Microsoft's MSN / Live / whatever Search.

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Good, now I know that I got a good deal not to change my url

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