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Once in a while I get tired of listening to my collection of MP3s (before you accuse me note that the vast majority of them are from my original CDs and stored on the PC for convenience) and decide to look for some online gospel radio to listen.

Some time ago I found a nice national radio, whose name I do not remember more, but soon got tired of half-assed little sound of only 64kbps mp3 (ou 32kbps, I do not remember exactly) and mono, and also got tired of hearing those same songs repeated, that tocavam 3, 4 times during the day just in time that I was listening, in other words, repeated more than if I was listening to my own collection, has enough songs for at least one 100 hours without repeating.

I went back to my MP3 for another good time, until tired again and decided to find something via Shoutcast for WinAmp, after a few failed attempts national, where just thought radio with very blah blah blah and little or poorly music and sound quality (32 kbps and related), perhaps justified by the abusive price of a national decent internet link, that supports more than half a dozen listeners at 128kbps, since here we only have half-baked companies and exploiting that stop the internet around the state for two days by an absolute incompetence.

After some international attempts also frustrated with US radio who insist on playing only black and soul (nothing against, but hear all day the same style too tired) I ended up finding a Dutch radio that has a great variety of musical styles and I'm hearing for several days and still not get sick. This radio is the Rejoice FM (ou o site translated into Portuguese by the Google Translate). If you want to listen to without going through the site point the WinAmp (ou Windows Media Player) para a URL: Sometimes some stories appear in Dutch I do not understand anything, but it is little and gives support to (different from the radios here), I would say that is an antenna 1 Dutch and gospel :).

Most Rejoice FM songs are international in English (Third Day, Hillsong, Delirious, etc. are all there), sometimes appear in some Dutch also, including versions of some famous also have had their versions in Portuguese. Of course that does not have Brazilian music, which is a negative point, but then we 160kbps, 44KHz, Stereo, something that no national radio (I know) offers.

You are given the hint, feel free to use the comments to indicate other good online radio.

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