First crumbs with the Nota Fiscal Paulista

Finally to check my balance Nota Fiscal Paulista appeared some credit, despite not yet being released. There are two shopping, one of R $ 51,97 I will return U.S. $ 0,61 and another $ 3,15 I will return U.S. $ 0,15. A total of U.S. $ 0,76 that you can not pay even half of the increase in toll in a single pass, result of the incompetence of the government to give it into the hands of those mercenaries Centrovias and like all our roads built with the people's money. Moreover, for which tolls are not part of the system?

But back to invoice paulista, we analyze the values ​​of credits: considering both of my purchases was just over 1% in the first case and just over 5% in the second case. The calculation is unclear, according to the website of the Department of Finance he is well done: “The purchase generated credit corresponds to the ratio between the value of the tax document that covered up the sale and the total sales value of commercial establishment in month, applied to 30% the tax collected by the same”. Now let's look, 30% ICMS, whereas the ICMS tax rate is 18% (and I think 25% services such as telephone, etc.), and that we should receive 30% thereof, then we should always receive about 5% of the purchase price, but as my biggest purchase ever get only 1% it seems that there's something wrong in this account.

Then the state government will give us some ICMS collection of crumbs, but what he gets in return? First it gets a nice increase in the collection, since many evaders will have to put up with your customers (boring?) asking the “Note c/SFC”, many establishments are already asking whether you want the note, but still there are many who only make note if the client request (either with or without CPF), there including many gas stations, restaurants and a traditional network of Arab food restaurant.

But is it only that? Checking the details of the points that we extract copies of all notes are there, in other words, the state government know I bought a pet coke 2,5 on liters 20/04/2007 and paid £ 3,15 by it, something they would not know without the São Paulo note, since no supermarket used to put CPF on tickets. In addition they know that I take drugs, quanta gasoline eu spending, where I like to eat when lunch / dine out, which the last upgrade I did in my computer, which I like chocolate, deodorant which I use and what wedding gift I gave to my friend who married in May. And in that moment the article comes the cliché compared to the book 1984 (which has not yet read) and Big Brother (that has nothing to do with that Rede Globo program dung). In other words, as if there were not enough Google know that half of my life thanks to my email from Gmail, my profile on Orkut, my searches that they store, etc. now also have the state government knowing what to buy and let him buy. Genius, managed all this with no cost, since the revenue increases, and still leaves the poor taxpayers happy to receive the crumbs.

And what to do with all this data? A bit of data mining to achieve beautiful statistics? Leaking someone to make copies and sell the same vendors have done with tax returns and phone lists that should not be disclosed? Sell ​​to telemarketing companies (as the telephonic companies already do for a long time) direcionarem better their offers? Crossing the data dishes in restaurants with the Imosec who bought at the pharmacy to make a ranking of foods that cause diarrhea more? Pass the data to IRS cross with income tax returns as they already do with credit card bills?

The possibilities are numerous, gives to fear, but the vast majority of the population (in which probably include myself) will continue asking São Paulo note in the hope of buying a Big Mac and a Coke when resolve pay these credits.

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