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This post is to give continuity to that Synchronization tools I wrote some time ago.

Since then abandoned Xdrive that worked horribly and one day discovered that he had created a file of about 30GB in the c:\usersFabricioappdataroamingXdrive, and that there was no backup remotely, only freustadas attempts, then gave an end to it and yet I am no tool to backup online, since I'm not about to pay for this type of service.

The Acronis True Image still around, but might as well be doing a better service, as he makes a mess with keeping scheme only 30 recent backups (as configured) and sometimes the backup screws and the process is days there occupying 100% time of a processor, but I still put up with him for some time to find a replacement.

Now I will talk about a new program that came pros my favorites, is SyncBack, Freeware version, and there is also a more complete paid version, that is SyncBackSE, both produced by 2BrightSparks. He has been very handy to update the Photo Gallery since it was hosted on HostGator, because I can keep the convenience of simply download the photos in my photos directory and once a day SyncBack kicks in and synchronizes with the server, via FTP.

The only extremely stupid thing in SyncBack is that to do with FTP synchronization of the attributes that it uses to determine whether the file on the server is the same version of the local file is the date and time of file, so far so good, end by lowering the remote files to compare would be impossible in many cases, but the problem is that not every server supports change the date / time of the remote file, some configure the date / time for the date / time it was sent. And SyncBack when you can not change the remote date, by default modifies the local date to be equivalent to early date. Obviously I do not want my photos with modified dates because that would disturb my backups to DVDs and everything else, so I had to take a while to find where off this option that should not even exist, or there should not be minimally standard, since stir in local files when what I want is just replicate everything on the remote side (in other words, synchronization only in one direction and never the other way) is something totally inappropriate.

Made this reservation recommend SyncBack freeware for various occasions when the Microsoft SyncToy is deficient, mainly on the issue of miserably fail to synchronize a flash drive if the drive letter was changed, which is quite common nowadays since many equipment create drive letters (pendrives, Hard drives and external DVD burners, card readers, printers that read cards, cellular, cameras, etc.). The amount of SyncBack options is also much higher than the SyncToy and who have found lack of some feature in SyncToy has a good chance of finding it in SyncBack. Have to use FTP is recommended shell 30 dollars for the paid version that has a better engine and more options, despite still missing some things, as the option to use FTP over SSH tunneled, since it is not every server that supports FTPS (FTP with TLS / SSL implicit) or FTPES (FTP with TLS / SSL explicit).

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Opa, tbem I found no notion that it change the dates of the files. How do I turn this “resource” ? I liked the software.. but this peca !! I appreciate the help =)

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