Tema i3Theme 1.7 in Portuguese

Recently the i3Theme, Skooter theme used here in the blog has been updated to version 1.7. By then I was using the previous version, which was translated by Erico Oliveira. As the new version apparently has not yet been translated by anyone decided to translate it myself to use here at Skooter Blog and I am also available for those who want to use more. The translated version is the version in classic colors, editing with articles in the center and a bar on each side.

Download the i3Theme 1.7 Classic (Center Edition) in Portuguese, by clicking here (i3theme-1-7-classic).

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This one is not for the Blogger.
Not have how to get one for blogger ?



OK then.
Thank you.


Thanks to me the Spanish version 1.7 is the best. The new Spanish version 1.8 has a bug that gets pulled over pro right side of the screen…. The theme for various type of modicações use it on my site currently and I'm downloading here the Spanish version classic without being modified to me give a simple modified and use on another site I'm creating

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