Orkut Then tilt, UPS air and leaves “orkuteers” desperate

Social networking site (even need to present?) Orkut went off the air in the afternoon of Monday and has remained so over 6 hours. “Orkuteiros” despesperados, probably participants of the most crude and traditional communities deixadores collective scraps are all desperate to find out that life does not make sense without Orkut, mainly because no Orkut they can never find those million “Friends” they never recognize if they saw on the street.

How hard to believe that someone just stumbled on the server or wire that Larry Page dog peed in making UPS and caused a short circuit, bizarre and not so bizarre theories are being created on the maintenance by that group of people even more nerd than “bloggers”, the “twitters”, as measured by IDGNow. It would be much simpler to believe that large sites also need any maintenance and need to go off the air for it, but there are people who do not understand it.

Although doubt that someone make a mistake so crude as to allow an ID overflow, which would also mean that the DBMS is a beautiful mess by duplicate or override IDs should be unique rather than simply not add new records, I should add that I also saw Orkut a friend rather odd, with a woman's name instead of his, But the photos and communities were still their, bem sinistro

On the other with Orkut off the air people should find something more useful to do with your time, como procurar novos sites e eventualmente encontrar o Skooter Blog 🙂

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