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Google launched its call encyclopedia Tuber, what at first appeared to be a clone of Wikipedia, but after a quick tour and reading some guidelines I realized that they encourage the writing of own opinions, unlike Wikipedia using more encyclopedic style without opinions and everything properly referenced. Furthermore, Knol nothing prevents multiple people to write articles on the same subject, in other words, no single entries as in Wikipedia. Article owner can also set whether to accept contributions or not, and accepted case has the option to approve them before they are displayed, thus ending the “vandalism”.

Another feature is that Knol, unlike Wikipedia, it has ads. Ads are Adsense, and Article owner can put your own Adsense account to receive profits. They noted the great Google balcony? Unlike Wikipedia where volunteers are mostly fact volunteers, Knol writers will have the profit incentive with Adsense. And Google Adsense as the owner will get a handsome return.

But Knol is not free of criticism, many people are accusing Google of favoring Knol in the search results of your search engine, and duplicate content from other sources end up appearing in searches in front of the original URLs. The Paulo Faustino wrote about it here.

I then decided to put some collaborations to see what the Knol and such content will appear more prominently than in their original locations, which is not hard enough that Google goes ignoring me since I moved domain.

I wrote an article about Master System, with adapted text of my FAQ on Master Land, also put two articles I wrote for the Skooter Blog with minor adaptations, on dual boot of Windows Vista e Windows XP, MySQL no Windows Vista and Apache not Windows Vista. Finally also put a monograph on my Web Engineering, which is also available in my personal page.

Now let's see how it goes…

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Paulo Faustino

Hello Friend, Thanks for the reference.
My article today was already on the 3rd of the Google results page and up. Let's see how far Google pulls for him to one of the top positions. Interesting to analyze this.

Good luck with your content. Then tell me how it went.




sorry to be breaking into your blog so, but just to let you know that I found a way to adjust, temporarily, a data e a hora no D-Link 500B (I did not find the email or contact form):


Thanks for the correction in the article I did on the Dealextreme. I met your site shortly after the publication of it, if you had knowledge before, the article would be much more complete, I signed your feed to keep track of your purchases.

If it was possible, could add me on msn, for me to take a particular doubts about the site.

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