Site by Universal Pictures distribuindo malware

I decided to go today on the website of Universal Pictures from Brazil (no link to avoid the risk of infecting someone) to see what the exchange procedure of the box “Back To The Future”, the Universal nastily launched with a serious environment issue as reported in Delphi and discussed in HTForum, instead of making a widescreen DVD from the complete picture of the original film they made the widescreen simply cutting the top and the bottom of the frame already cut to fullscreen, regrettable such an error, imagine the suit the professional who made the “service”.

But, when trying to enter the site I came across the Google notice that the Universal site could damage my computer:

Universal - Alerta de Malware

Universal - Malware Alert

Clicking the link to view the diagnostic page see the pages hosted in the field of Universal Pictures are sending over 47 scripts de exploit, hosted on 4 different domains:

Diagnóstico dos softwares maliciosos no site da Universal Pictures

Diagnosis of malicious software in the Universal Pictures site

If we ignore the Google warning and try to get directly in Firefox Universal site gives a warning that the site was denounced as attack site:

Alerta do Firefox: site da Universal Pictures denunciado como foco de ataques

Firefox Alert: Universal Pictures site denounced as attack site

It is unwise to ignore so many warnings, but decide to do it anyway just to be able to show the site Screen Universal Pictures and Avast warning about a Trojan horse that she was trying to run:

Alerta do Avast: cavalo de tróia no site da Universal Pictures

Alert Avast: Trojan Horse in Universal Pictures site

Although neither sympathize a little with Universal Pictures or any other of these studios that sponsor these witch hunts against users of P2P sofwares, sites de torrent, etc. believe they are not voluntarily distributing malware on your site. But a company that does not know or edit a DVD widescreen right, that is their line of work, one can not expect that they can take care of a website and keep it free of hackers who can break it and modify it, which is what I believe happened.

In time, until the time of writing this post not found any information about this episode, no no Google, nem no Google News, nem no Google Blog Search, in other words, is first hand news of Skooter Blog, o mesmo que foi recusado pelo Google News como fonte de notícia 🙂

Now we know when the site goes back to normal and they are still doing the recall of defective discs, which will be a great farce if they do not, as the new box with the problem fixed is still in catalog.

Update: is not the first time that the Universal site is hacked, it had already happened at the end of last year, porém enquanto na outra vez o resultado foi umapixação”, this time the idea the author of the deed aims to infect the machines of visitors.

Update 2: as the site continues bixado decided to call the Universal, something that was not willing to do because they do not have a 0800. The attendant was very friendly, asked a data portion, spent some 10 intercity minutes, but she opened a call and soon after called confirming the problem and saying that I will receive an email with a postage paid the post office to send the two discs with problem (only discs, without the cover and art) and then receiving two discs fixed in place, I do not know whether they will have the blue box of 3 Full Disk (which is the current version and ugly) or whether they will just send the disks. I have not received the prepaid, wait for future updates.

Update 3: I received a new connection from Universal and an e-mail with the postage-paid to send the 2 DVDs problematic for a Microservice, will want to check them and send substitutes. The site continues with malware warning, but the company has acted as expected.

Update 4: conclusion of the story here in this new post

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