DealExtreme: review after a few months of use

How did recently and no other order not to leave the section of DealExtreme I decided to stop putting a new review of the products they've bought, to show how they are being used and giving a new perspective, different from that of newly purchased product when we do not know how to use it properly or how much it will last. There vai:

RJ45 ends testator, Rj11 and USB: I have not done much use of it, tested only a few RJ-45 cables, nothing to add to review anterior.

Dynamo Lanterna com 3 LED High Luminosidade: was very helpful the last time that the light went out at night and took a while to return, but unfortunately broke, the ring which runs along the cord that moves the dynamo and string came loose inside the body of the flashlight fully, as it was not possible to disassemble it had to cavocar and break the plastic until you find the string, the repair was made with electrical tape, was kind feinho, but at least be functional again. See the current picture and the picture when he arrived at review anterior.

Lanterna de Dínamo com 3 leds de Alta Luminosidade, consertado

Dynamo Lanterna com 3 LED High Luminosidade, "consertado"

Toy Mesa Solar Shaking Head to Stay (Solar Powered Shaking and Nodding Desktop Toy): are here on my desk (see photo) and continues running smoothly, watch video. When the sunlight is very intense head comes to hitting the arm making a little noise, but not enough to bother. Artificial light is not sufficient to start movement, but it is enough to keep it indefinitely if started manually or with sunlight (or a lantern), so it also works the night with the light on. We have also opened to see how it works and is very simple: the solar cell is connected in a small coil, a magnet that repels connected to a rod which is connected to the head, the magnet moves to one side by the magnetic force, but back again to the starting position by gravity, this lowering it passes from the center and going to the other side due to the inertia and so on. Every last through the center it takes a little more momentum by magnetic repulsion force (coil connected to the solar cell). Thus the movement continues indefinitely as there is enough light to generate a small voltage required.

Brinquedo de Mesa Solar que fica Balançando a Cabeça

Solar Table toy that is Shaking his head

Electronic Bicycle Speedometer (Electronic Bicycle Speedometer): the speedometer was installed and have already run 84 Km according to the odometer, is working perfectly. See the photos and the review anterior:

Velocímetro Eletrônico de Bicicleta

Electronic Bicycle Speedometer

Sensor do Velocímetro Eletrônico de Bicicleta

Sensor Electronic Speedometer Bike Installed on Wheel

Chaveirinhos of Mario (Cute Mario Figure Keychain (2-Pack)): here are gracing the bookcase:

Chaveirinho do Mário

Chaveirinho of Mario

Chaveirinho do Mário

Chaveirinho of Mario

Chaveirinho do Mário

Chaveirinho of Mario

IQ Teaser Ring (Set of Seven): I managed to separate all of them from the Finally review, wherein the seven, five I can easily separate and two of them still give a little work. But it took me to discover the secrets, since separate them just once can be just coincidence or a sign that you know the steps from a given state, but not from any random state. Some have signs of wear on the chrome at the points of greatest contact between parts, but nothing that compromises.

IQ Teaser Ring

IQ Teaser Ring

Digital Thermometer (Digital Body Thermometer): need not be used until now, then nothing to add from the review anterior.

Chains with Safety Anti-Loss and Anti-Theft Controlled Whistle (Som Luz) (Whistle Controlled Anti-theft Anti-Lost Security Keychain (Sound Light)): or from review anterior I tried to use it with my house keys, but had no way, he is very sensitive and eventually blows with people talking (mainly women), with traffic, etc. How has no knob to turn it is impossible to use it in meetings, film or any other place where the noise is inconvenient. But do not regret the purchase, as it cost very cheap and worth more by curiosity. It is curious that even in the drawer where he kept detects any whistle.

Caneta with color Invisível (Invisible Ink Pen): although Zanardi insist that it is girl thing still find interesting and not calling to mind of a guy who buys a Wii him with the excuse that it's for daughter, the paper I wrote first review here is saved and the text remains clearly visible with ultraviolet and invisible light without light. The light went giving a failed, dismounted and saw that the battery contacts were half oxidized, was enough clean them and everything returned to normal.

Keychain Lucky Bamboo Plant, Real and culturable in a flask (Pack com 2) (Real Growable Lucky Bamboo Plant In-a-Bottle Keychain (2-Pack)): the little one grew only slightly from the Finally review, já o maiorzinho perdeu a cor e dá a impressão de não estar muito bem de saúde 🙁 mas não sei como tratá-lo.

Chaveiro de Planta Bamboo da Sorte, Real e Cultivável dentro de uma Garrafa

Keychain Lucky Bamboo Plant, Real and culturable in a flask

LCD Digital Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer (LCD Digital Clock Thermometer and Humidity Meter): come faulty as we reported in Finally review, the DealExtreme said he would send another to replace it and sent on 08/06, but did not reach, as they had no record is likely that any employee of the Post Office has stolen, the DealExtreme asked to wait 08/08 (today) and did not come they would send another. Getting in contact with the DX today because of that. Meanwhile I am using here the thermometer and hygrometer (only the clock was affected by the defect) and seems to be reliable, since the temperature that it marks corresponds with what we feel: nice to 25º C, and cold or heat when it is below or above that, respectively. The hygrometer also seems to be working all right, was indicating low values, next to 30% during those weeks when it did not rain, and now with the rains rose to values ​​around 60%.

Relógio Digital LCD com Termômetro e Higrômetro

LCD Digital Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

Also I have nothing to add on the review of compass or piggy, since I had no real use for them. The products are of Clau the second review will be on its behalf, if she wants to do.

If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping. Until next time.

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