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DealExtreme: some common questions

Compiled here are some common questions that were asked in DealExtreme community on Orkut.

1) How is register on the site?
R) Registration on the site is done here: Registration on site is not required, but facilitates the monitoring of applications, because just typing login / password you have a screen with all requests and their statuses for monitoring. Without registration you can track each order from number, individually.

2) How is the purchase procedure?
R) The procedure is trivial, just like any other e-commerce site, you put the products in the cart, and the only difference is in the end, where you do checkout with PayPal, but once you have joined the PayPal it is also quite trivial.

3) On average how long it takes for the order to arrive?
R) It takes on average 20 a 30 days, but eventually can take over.

4) Tem Garatia and fiscal note?
R) Guarantee has, a product my already arrived faulty and sent another. Even the procedure gives the guarantee of 10 a 0 any Brazilian store. Note there is no tax Só Brazil, expensive to collect the ICMS, after all what else is there in Brazil and tax bandit. In the rest of the world uses up the Invoice. In the case of the Invoice DealExtreme appears on the website only, and allows printing. Along with my orders never came Invoice, but maybe it's because I always asked to send as a gift (gift). If the IRS has a tax value covers up 60% you can appeal by sending a copy of the invoice and the invoice credit card.

5) What the dollar used?
R) Now choose if you want the real PayPal will cover you in (coversão the U.S. dollar at the time of purchase) or cover you in U.S. dollars (conversion due to the carrier of your credit card, general levy the commercial dollar payday invoice). On my card eg, the dollar was the day of issue of invoice, and then next month comes the credit or debt related to the exchange variation of the day the invoice was issued before the day she was actually paid. Now with the new option of being billed on actual I prefer this option, despite the dollar being in free fall I prefer to avoid surprises.

6) I have to pay tax?
R) By law only are tax free products worth up to 50 U.S. dollar, sent as a gift from an individual to individual. This excludes DealExtreme, because a company is sending to an individual. Use the option to send the package as gift puts the name of an individual, mas os fiscais da receita não são tontos e já devem saber que aquele cara tem amigos demais e envia presentes demais para o Brasil 🙂 Mas como a receita trabalha por amostragem, most of the packages that come by regular mail or registered end up passing without verification and without tax. In the case of EMS oversight tends to be more rigid and most packages are taxed, after all the personal recipe also knows that if the order is expressed, whose cost is high, must be because the product is expensive. In my case were 6 packages so far and no Taxed.

7) If taxed, how much is the tax?
R) The tax is 60% on the value of the goods plus shipping. Sometimes the charge is arbitrary, 60% a value equal or similar product contained in a table that they have. If this value is greater than what you paid, you can appeal by sending a copy of the invoice and the invoice of your credit card, proving the amount that was actually paid. Normally this procedure after they modify the tax amount to the correct value, But remember that at that time the product will be stopped at the post office and subject to charges for storage.

8) Besides the import tax is another tax?
R) Yes, tem or IOF, that is charged on the invoice and credit card whose rate is 2,38% currently, thanks to President Lula that the increased 0,38% to compensate for the purpose of CPMF, but he forgets that when advocating the return of the CPMF.

9) The product is delivered in my house?
R) If not taxed yes, are handled by the post office in the same way that a standard letter or registered (depending on whether it was sent with record or not), the EMS are treated as Sedex. If you need to withdraw taxed in the agency paying the tax amount.

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