Tec Toy Master System Launches Redesigned

Master System 3After more than 20 launch of the first years of the Master System Tec Toy resolved it relaunches with a new design. The “new” console was christened “Master System 3”, which is a bit strange, seen that the name “Master System 3” is already used by Tec Toy from years 90, when she launched the most compact model of Master System (which Sega released in Japan as “Master System 2”, but here the number brought 3 because the Tec Toy had called “Master System 2” the original model after replacing “Hang On” / “Safari Hunt” memory by “Alex Kidd in Miracle World”. If she changed her 1 to 2 just by swapping the memory game, e 2 to 3 when the design changed, It would be more natural than with this design change she baptized of “Master System 4”, but it was not what happened.

The “new” Master System 3 has 131 games in memory, which is not new, since the last model Master System, called “Master System Collection” and yet inspired by the 2 Japanese, but with a ridiculous and without color cartridge slot, had 131 games in memory. Among the 131 games in memory are included classics like: “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “Alex Kidd in the Miracle World”, “Alex Kidd in Shinobi World”, “Golden Axe”, “Shinobi” and “Shadow Dancer”, but unfortunately are also included those semi-educational crap Tec Toy had created and that only serve to make up the numbers. See the complete list at the end of post.

Joysticks keeps the new design similar (ou igual?) the Mega Drive, with 6 buttons, never seen a joystick these personally and I can not say for serving so many buttons if the original Master System and all (?) their games use only 1 or 2 buttons. If anyone knows please comment.

Not this time Tec Toy decided to please the nostalgic console fans, because the new design does not remember the original console and its biggest flaw does not have slot for cartridges, limiting buyers to memory games, in other words, don't even think about playing a “Castle of Illusion”, at “Psychic World” or a “Phantasy Star”, just to name some of my favorites. Light Phaser and 3D glasses gun obviously not also think. Remember that the Master System cartridges and accessories are no longer marketed by Tec Toy long, but it is easy to find several of them in Free market or rental wanting to clean the shelves, since no one rents more.

The island has PAL-M system (obviously), is bi-volt, is warranted 1 year for the console and 3 months for cartridges. And I want to pay attention to the consumption: only 1,7W, Unless many appliances in Stand By, and very little compared to the last generation of consoles like Playstation 3 and XBox 360 and its energy consumption absurd.

The suggested price of the console will be £ 239,00 according to Outerspace, somewhat high for an old and incomplete console. Probably will target public uninformed parents whose young son wants “a video game” and either sold in the Casas Bahia must serve. But it will sell will, good for Tec Toy.

Full list of games:

Hit the Target
Action Figther ™
Aerial Assault™
Alex Kidd High Tech World™
Alex Kidd in Miracle World™
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World™
Alex Kidd in the Lost Stars™
Alien Syndrome™
Astro Warrior™
Attack of Worms
Adventures in the Forest
Aztec Adventure™
Baku Baku Animal ™
Bank Panic™
Animal Battle
Battle at Sea
Battle Outrun™
Black Belt™
Balls and Colors
Fire department
Bomber Raid™
Bonanza Bros™
Bubble Bobble™
Cava Cava
Chase HQ™
Selection 20 in 1
Creature Capture
Cyber ​​Shinobi ™
Master the Territory
Double Target™
Dr. Cleaning
Dragon Crystal™
Enduro Racer™
Eswat – City Under Siege ™
Chocolate Factory
Fantasy Zone™
Fantasy Zone 2™
Fantasy Zone 3™
Gain Ground™
Galactic Protector™
Ghost House™
Global Defense™
Bad Company ™
Golden Axe ™
Golf Mania™
Great Soccer™
Hang On™
Hockey Table
Icepost Rescue
Join 4
Kenseiden ™
Kung Fu Kid ™
Lord of the Sword™
Machinegun Joe™
Master Pinball
Master Pong
Maze Walker™
Memoria Master
My Terrestre
My Hero™
The 12 work jongo
Putt & Putter ™
Rainbow Islands™
Rastan Saga™
Peg Solitaire
Scramble Spirits™
Secret Commando™
Shadow Dancer™
Shinobi ™
Slap Shot™
Sonic Drift 2™
Special Criminal Investigation™
Super Space Invaders™
Super Tennis™
The Newzealand Story™
The Ninja™
Thunder Blade™
Transbot ™
Woody Pop™
World Grand Prix ™

Visit Master Land to see a full site (but outdated) sobre Master System.

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wanted to find these two games to buy but do not think the free market or psychic world and psycho fox!!!


Just for comparison purposes: in December 1996, I bought a Nintendo 8 bits novo, in a store, which cost R $ 140.00…


macete they must sister, as jogaaaa


Criticism very well made about the game. My girlfriend bought today, the test and approve some games. It cost 179,00 mangos in Lojas Americanas.

There have cartridge slot, ou us 500 games in memory was what screwed the game. It would be perfect if it had at least one of these two options. Eu of note 9,0 for ele.


This article is pretty good and give my congratulations to criticism.
Here in Portugal are also out new editions or reissues of old consoles and games, especially atari, sega, nintendo, sinclair spectrum (tk line of computers in Brazil) among some other.
As I am a fan and nostalgic of these games and these consoles that marked my youth and puerícia, I think well that if re-launch anything to amuse the [now] older and will publicize the newest history of video games.
On this console in particular have to say it would be good something that has been said by Sir INNUENDO more ago: “There have cartridge slot, ou us 500 games in memory was what screwed the game. It would be perfect if it had at least one of these two options.”. Add to that the price of 239,00 R$ [segundo a Outerspace] e os comandos de mega drive (with its six! buttons) I do not think selling console so well, or to attract new buyers who do not yet know the console. The design is attractive even without the entry for cartridges. Overall I congratulate the initiative!


I bought one for my daughter yesterday. I did not even know there was such an old thing in the store to sell, But my daughter has just 4 years and do not know much, currently okay, but here a while have to desenbolsar one little money to buy more and better. But it sucks that master system, This is!!!!

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