Gmail: Service and Google mail problems

The free service email Google, Gmail, was unavailable on Monday days 11, leaving many users without access to their accounts. Who had to look at the electronic correspondence still on 11 had to wait until the 20:00 hours when everything returned to normal.

Source: ForumPCs

As I commented there: not realized, as POP and IMAP use and rarely enter the site.

Do not change the Gmail by another service, nothing like download your messages for POP and they continue there. And do not come to me with that option to leave the emails on the server that POP clients have, because in many services she did not work, and when work comes a time that is impossible to download emails because the server offers the header of all old emails and it is the customer who has to ignore.

Also tired of bartering emails on account of services that were good but worsened, closed or failed to evolve (as long BOL), or providers that let you sign (My first email was from a provider, since at that time had no free email that lend). Also no more emails use of institutions (universities and related) because they will be deleted when I get out of them. Furthermore it is unlikely that Google discontinue service, what has happened to countless other emails free of companies that did not hold long.

The areas of emails and are also hosted on Google through excellent Google Apps. Yet they exist only because there, since just keep spreading my email Gmail, and minimum, as I prefer to contact me by e-mail only to personal issues, as questions about matters that tract to Blog can be taken through comments, and thus be available to others who may have the same doubt, and so avoid if I have to answer all the time the same thing.

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