More information about the “new” Master System 3

A Tec Toy provided on its website technical data and manual from the “new” Master Sytem 3, it is possible to speculate a little more about joysticks: all indications are that even joysticks for Mega Drive, The Button Down, B, C, X, And, Z e start, besides directional. According to the manual, The only buttons, B and C are used in games, which is a bit strange, since the original Master System and Sega games all use only 2 buttons. Perhaps those precarious Tec Toy games use a third button, but I find it very unlikely. The manual also states that the reset is achieved by pressing X, Y and Z simultaneously (the only function of these 3 buttons), which is a bit odd, but at least compensates for the lack of RESET button, eliminated at the launch of Master System III. The manual also advises that the current version of the Master System does not accept joyticks previous versions, which is a bit strange, what would be the explanation for this? In my experience with Master System II (with original design) da Tec Toy, to connect a control Mega Drive buttons B and C correspond to the buttons 1 and 2 the Master System, respectively, while A and Start are inoperative. In addition the Mega Drive control does not allow press the directional in the middle (activating all directions at once) as the Master System, and thus prevents some tricks, as that of Jogso Summer (Califonia Games), in the half-pipe mode (skateboard) where you can pick up momentum simply by pressing the middle button always, instead of pressing down the descent and the ascent up.

The joyticks thankfully still are removable, Tec Toy has not made the same bullshit that Polyvox did when he wanted to cut the costs of Atari 2600 and released a nut on the joysticks had no plug, and could not be disconnected from the console, every broken tower (which was very common) was necessary to bring the entire island for technical assistance, or buy the tower and replace at home. The plug the joystick of the new Master System 3 is also still the legacy of the original console, which in turn was inherited from Atari, a curiosity: the joystick original Master System can be used in Atari, button 1 Any single function button Atari, and the button 2 is no function. Joytick with the Master on the Atari gives access to a bug in the game Frontline, simultaneously pressing the Directional up and down (something that is not possible on the Atari joystick unless you disassemble) the soldier turns into something weird like a tank (a sprite buggy), then just wait to get an enemy soldier, take a shot and use the command to jump into the tank when it is reached (I do not remember exactly what command), so the soldier jumps from the tank and passes phase automatically. Likewise you can use the joystick of the Atari in Master System, In this case only the button corresponds to the button 1 the Master System, and you run out button 2, in other words, gives only to play games that only use the button 1 or they both have the same function, I used to play Paper Boy, since this extra agility in the directional joytick Atari offers improved my performance. Just to cite one more classic: also taught to play Sonic, it also has two buttons with the same function. Ah, and gave also to put the joystick on the Atari Mega Drive (B button corresponding to the single button) and in the Atari Mega Drive (single button corresponding to the button B), but I'll leave that topic for another post and return to the focus of this article is the new Master System 3. (Did I do too parentheses? :))

At the launch of Master System II Japanese / American (III in Brazil) some items were eliminated to lower the cost of production, among them the entry of 3D glasses and the RESET button, which was rather unfortunate. Now in the new Master System 3 Tec Toy also decided to disappear with the PAUSE, Will the START button on the joystick will PAUSE? The manual does not say anything and that's not a good sign, But you can not play Alex Kidd in Miracle World, since the pause button allows you to select items. If confirmed that the START PAUSE will function this may be the explanation of why joyticks previous models can not be used, since there would be no way to access the PAUSE, or maybe it's really a change in the functions of each pin.

The power consumption of the new console seems to have decreased in the old model of 3W to 1.7W. Most efficient source? Changes in internal circuit? Nothing has changed and only corrected the technical? I can not answer.

On the back of the console there is the audio and video using RCA cables, the video and audio is mono compound (only one channel), What is also expected since the sound generator is also unique Master System mono. There RF output, This should not be a problem since all of the televisions (at least) last 15 years has composite video input. There is no S-Video output, Component Video or HDMI :), but it would be strange if there were.

The questions that were not answered here I referred to Tec Toy and hope they respond, these were the doubts which referred her:

  1. The island has no PAUSE, START the joytick does this function? If you do, how to play Alex Kidd in Miracle World that need the pause button to select items?
  2. The manual says joyticks previous models do not work on new console, why? Changed the function of each pin or is it just the lack of the START button? (if it is used to pause)
  3. The manual says that the buttons A, B and C are used during games, but the Master System original has only two buttons and all Sega games also use only two buttons, to serve the third button?
  4. The consumption of the previous model was 3W and the current is 1.7 W. What has changed? Most efficient source? Change in internal circuit? Just a correction on the technical specification?
  5. Why not reissue the Tec Toy Sega Master System classic, in his original model, in an edition for collectors? Could include the cartridge slot, 3D glasses and light phaser gun in package. Or maybe even a slot for SD cards which could easily be placed all games console, Tec Toy since apparently no longer interested in selling cartridges.”

Let's see if they will respond, any novelty put here.

Update: Tec Toy took (2 weeks) but answered:

“Dear Sir. [Removed],

1) Yes, the START button on the joystick also works with the function PAUSE. You can use it quietly to select items for your game.
2) About older joysticks, the incompatibility is given only by the START button.
3) Still in joysticks, the functions of the buttons A and B are the same, and the player can choose whichever is more convenient.
4) Regarding the power consumption: the new Master System has a new CPU, more economical, which ensures that lower consumption.
5) About your suggestion to release a version for collectors, it is a good idea, which will be forwarded to the responsible department. "

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Vitor Caires

olá eu queria dizer sobre o assunto do novo master system 3. Que o botão start no controle não funciona mas dá para jogar o Alex Kidd in Miracle World, no consorle existe um botão e forma de círculo que abaixo dele está escrito pause . e cartuchos das versões anteriores o joystick não funciona, um exemplo era um jogo q eu tinha de cartucho que era do master system 1 eu colocava o cartucho e ligava o consorle e aparecia uma tela preta escrito sega como de costume pois aparecia o jogo e falava q tinha q apertar o start para começar no master system 3 when it appears to start the game apertace B q corresponds to the start to begin the game as in the cartridge I pressed the B nothing happened and pressed the pause which is located in consorle nothing happened tried pushing all the buttons on the joystick did not work ?


interesting how they answered the questions ! it seems that your suggestion evolved from master to mega, right? ? hahaaha

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