Oficina G3 has new singer: Mauro Henrique

Oficina G3

Oficina G3

A band Oficina G3 officially announced their new vocalist. The new singer is Mauro Henrique, ex-vocalista da banda Full Range, Brasília, whose sound can be heard in Palco MP3 and no Garagem MP3.

The Oficina G3 recorded his first album with vocals Luciano Manga and Túlio Regis, The live album was later released on CD in “Ouro series” by Gospel Records. Tulio Régis left soon after for personal reasons, Manga remained and recorded more CDs with the Oficina G3, “Nothing is so old, Nothing is so new” and “Indifference”, both CDs were also Juninho Afram, guitarrista from banda, as lead vocalist on some songs.

Manga Luciano left the group decided to devote his pastoral vocation, and was replaced by PG (Pedro Geraldo Mazza), the band then recorded CDs “Acoustic”, “Acoustic Live”, “Weather” and “Humans”, with a more pop-rock sound that pleased some and angered others. PG also left the band to devote to pastoral ministry and solo career.

From there the guitarist Juninho Afram took over the vocals of the band, and once again there was a change in the sound, which turned into a hard modern rock, progressive metal traces. With Juninho Afram on vocals the band recorded “In addition to the Eye Can See” and “Office Elektracustika G3”, works that were well received by critics.

The entrance of the new singer, Mauro Henrique, occurred naturally seconds Juninho Afram. Mauro Henrique had done participation in shows of the band, before receiving the invitation.

The band also announced their tenth album, “After the war”, that is already recorded with new vocalist and members of the current training: Juninho Still na guitarra, Duca Tambasco on bass and Jean Carllos on keyboards. Now it's wait and see the result.

See also: photos of the latest presentations of G3 Workshop Lime, Rio Claro and Piracicaba.

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Everton Rozendo

I got the new CD as soon as I heard the release announcement, I got mad house to hear and then I realized I bought the best work ever produced by Oficina G3, After the war, a masterpiece, fantastic, arrangements, Music, letters, solos, wonderful, parabens the crowd of Oficina G3, and may God continue abençoeando guys on their way, guys deserve it can be seen clearly committed to guys with God on each CD music, it is just wonderful and as the Maudo Henrique, She sings much further enriched the already very rich songs of G3, welcome to the family Oficina G3, I am admirer of guys, on my radio at home or in the car, only touches Oficina G3, others like u work and remain in the peace of the Lord Jesus ....

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