Sanyo Eneloop e GP Recyko: pilhas NiMH batteries with low self-discharge

Sanyo Eneloop

Sanyo Eneloop NiMH batteries

Sony NiMH AA batteries I use in my camera were getting old ladies, a set of 1700mAh which have since 2002, when I bought my first digital camera and other 2300mAh that came with a smart charger, Also Sony, that comprei em 2004. Although these batteries still function no longer hold any charge that were held when new, and furthermore the smart charger, those with 4 independentes cells and LCD, sometimes complains that they are defective, although able to charge them after a few tries.

Then I went out in search of new NiMH batteries in DealExtreme, and I opted for this pack c/ 4 pilhas AA NiMH 2700mAh da de Sony, Cujo would review when chegarem. By $17,90 preço dollars or is not the best in DealExtreme, but it is still better to pay $ 58,00 Two packs de 2 Battery 2500mAh at SonyStyle.

But the big news (at least for me, since they have been around since 2006) I did this research were the batteries Sanyo Eneloop and GP Recyko, NiMH batteries with a maximum capacity (2000mAh) is somewhat less than the latest models of about 2700 mAh of those manufacturers and their competitors, but they have a big advantage: low self-decarga (translation “low self-discharging” or LSD, As the batteries of this type are known outside), according to the manufacturer, Sanyo Eneloop keeps 90% of their charge after 6 months without use, and 85% after 1 anus always use, Unlike traditional NiMH who lose enough charge if left unused and therefore should preferably be recharged immediately before use.

NiMH batteries of low self-discharge permit application in devices where previously only disposable batteries were recommended. For example: if we use common NiMH batteries in remotes-, watches and other low-power devices, they are likely to lose more energy by self-decarga than feeding device. Lanterns also has this feature, you never know when you need it, but when you need it should be ready for use, which excludes common NiMH batteries, since you will not have anywhere to recharge the batteries when power fails and you need the flashlight, that was a year and stop NiMH batteries fully charged you left it no longer has any load. Another advantage is that these batteries are sold preloaded, actually I think all are NiMH, but traditional arrive in your hand with little burden have left the manufacturer for a long time, while the low self-discharge will be enough capacity to be used without an initial charge.

GP Recyko+

NiMH batteries GP RECYKO

Furthermore, Sanyo Eneloop also has a lower internal resistance, which results in higher voltages, what is good for appliances that use high currents, such as digital cameras, which may result in a gain of a few milliseconds to charge the flash, for example. The use of these batteries in digital cameras cause some controvérisa, those who use the camera daily might benefit more with the extra 700mAh traditional sets of 2700mAh, but who uses more exporadicamente probably lose those extra 700mAh with self-discharge, in which case the Eneloop are recommended.

The new technology has also received reviews positivos test made by international sites, in Brazil can expect a performance slightly lower due to high temperatures, which increases slightly the rate of self-discharge, but still looks like a great option. My next battery pack will probably be a pack de 4 Sanyo Eneloop 2000mAh batteries from DealExtreme, that $16,50 USD (frete included) has a price compatible with the NiMH models 2700 mAh without the new technology. Who does not want to buy direct from China, can buy the same cells in the Atera, by R 25,00 o by (Shipping not included), but caro, but without relying on the slow pace of Brazilian custom house and without running the risk of being taxed. Anyone who wants to save a little more can opt for the pack 4 batteries GP RECYKO from DealExtreme, by $13,80 USD (frete included).

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In case if I buy the pack with 4 Sanyo Eneloop batteries at DealExtreme and buy a simple charger TBM Sanyo, function normally or is there a specific charger for this battery model?

Thank you very much!


Fabricio Olá!

Thanks for the clarification! I'm about to buy these two items:



The shipping is free msm and delivery is quiet !?
You know right… qdo almsgiving is mta, the holy suspects, haha.



I have a simple charger brand Goldship. If I buy these Eneloop LSD batteries, they will work as well as if I invest in a charger Sony, for example?
The q affects more? The battery or charger?
Do not use in cameras and even in video games, use only the wireless mouse.
I have the impression q my batteries goldship 900 not “catch” more cargo. I have two q turns two years ago. There's something wrong, but I do not know q is.

Sorry for the ignorance!!!
Thank you for your attention.


Thank you, Skooter. Grateful for your prompt attention. 🙂

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