I did not win the refrigerator of i9

i9 Hidrotônico

i9 Hidrotônico

Days ago at the grocery store I went to the shelf where is the Gatorade, in the plastic bottle which spoils the flavor, was much better when he came in a glass bottle, what even I have spoken to them, but said they discontinued glass version because of a survey of consumers themselves, which I did not participate.

When I pick up the Gatorade Lemon, I think the little better, I saw that there was a sports drink (hidrotônica?) new call i9, Also lemon, a little more expensive than Gatorade, also a rough plastic packaging, made by Coca-Cola. Relying on brand imagined that bad should not be, although they also make the Kuat and Fanta Grape, whose taste is doubtful.

I just took the i9 in two stages after random cycling (bothers me take something that restores energy if I have just spent all day in front of a PC without spending any energy). And until the deal is nice, liked.

And only now discovered that the product was launched recently and that was released through a viral campaign (viral?) where the product was sent to 9 “blogueirosselecionados, within a mini fridge, and a website with custom .com domain for each blogger (the Registro.br earned $ 270,00 this campaign).

Conclusion: was not affected by the marketing campaign, probably because I do not read any of 9 selected blogs, and Skooter Blog was also obviously not selected, since no one reads this here beyond Adriano.

The campaign generated controversy, blogs in question were called rental blogs, although dizeram the deal was not prearranged. So would like to warn all viral marketers (if such a term exists) que eu também aceito produtos e falarei deles aqui caso me enviem 🙂 Afinal uma única garrafa de i9 custa mais do que esse blog anda rendendo no AdSense depois da mudança de domínio. :/

Update: não parece um pouco contraditório um produto que se destina arestore the energy lost by people who have a day of busy dayseja enviado justamente para blogueiros? 🙂

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hahaha eu leio memo!

Lilian Sara

Humeu num sou o “Adriano”, e visitei o seu blog, saw?! Agora vc já pode ganhar uma geladeirinha do hidrotônico!!! lol!!!


tomei ontem tbmmas não gostei mto não.. but the bottle is so cute, right?;..kkkk


Liiiii o /// o // You can win this fridge .. alias I will send a comment to you every day until when the promotion to win the ice cream goes ??

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