Because horses are going to China?

Viewing the latest news on UOL saw this on the alleged doping of a horse in the olympics, which eliminated a Brazilian. Brazilians are not eliminated in these olympics news (and the other does not), mas doping de cavalo eu desconhecia 🙂

At this point a question came to mind, com and comentei to Clau:

Como os cavalos vão para a China?

The big question: "Como os cavalos vão para a China?"

Não é a primeira vez que eu e a Clau pensamos a mesma coisa 🙂 Resolvi então buscar uma resposta e achei isso here.

Still not got no conclusion, but everything indicates that horses really go by plane, in special compartments, certainly more spacious than the economy class seats.

But some doubts remain:

  • The horses also eat those horrible cold snacks equal to the TAM or get special treatment because they are Olympians?
  • The horses need to do the normal check-in, or only if they have luggage?
  • Often employees airport in Brazil open bags and steal passengers' belongings, any action was taken to avoid the risk of mislay a horse in return to Brazil?
  • Horses also have quota 500 dollars to bring imported products?
  • Jockeys must declare the horse in federal income before traveling to avoid being taxed in the back?
  • If I bring a notebook and a box of horseshoes China I can claim to be for personal use my and my horse (respectively, not reverse the order!) and thus not be taxed?
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muito bom issohuahauhauahuahauahua
não tinha pensado nisso, but… acabei ficando bastante curiosa!!!
esse cavalo dopado rendeu muitos comentários aqui em casa!

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