Back To The Future: replacement of defective DVDs

Some time ago I wrote a post about my attempt to access the Universal site to ask the exchange of DVDs of part 2 and 3 do box “Back To The Future”. The site also continues Google warning which is distributing malicious software, and what will not repaired so far apparently remain so for a long time.

But the exchange I requested over the phone was finally completed, after sending the two defective DVDs by Sedex (postage-paid for them) today I received a package with the DVDs of the parties 2 and 3, in their respective box type Amaray, with blue cover, different from my box that were black. Since only sent the media (without boxes) I will not be with a box with 1 DVD box with a color and 2 DVDs stall of another color (besides the color there are differences in layout and text back). Some people received a full box, version 4 DVDs in box Digipack, this exchange. Others received the new box of 3 DVDs (like the original but with capable blue) full. But with me decided to only send the same two DVDs.

See the photos below, the original boxes and boxes that came with the DVD substitutes:

De Volta para o Futuro partes II e III do antigo box

Back to the Future Parts II and III of the old box

De Volta par ao Futuro partes II e III do novo box

Pair of Back to the Future Parts II and III of the new box

Tested DVDs and now yes, I can clearly see the button that shrinks the sleeves of the jacket Martin McFly, as suggested in the test Delphi. Interestingly the difference, besides color, is that the cover image is slightly lower in the new boxes, and the defect of the original DVDs was just having made the wrong frame and cut a good chunk of the original film edges. We conclude that in the new version fixed the framework not only of the film, but also cover. 🙂

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