DealExtreme: new clock / thermometer / hygrometer and RMA successfully completed

No give 03 June made a post about some products that arrived from DealExtreme, and informed that the LCD Digital Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer I had bought had been defective (the first digit of the time does not appear, and the information of "AM", “PM” e “Alarm”). I contacted the DealExtreme, sending the photo of the defective product and they promptly sent another product, and said I could stay with this. The referral was made on 08/06, unfortunately without tracking number, and it ended up disappearing at the Post Office or Customs and never appeared. After more than one month delivery, found that had gone even got in touch again with the DealExtreme, who asked me to wait until the day 08/08 to see if reached, and if not reached would send again. How did not arrive until the day 08/08 I contacted again and they said they would make a referral. I asked that the referral was registered, but said there was no way, that the only way would be to include the replacement in a new purchase of any product to complete the value of 15 U.S. dollar (remembering that the above package 15 dollars are automatically registered). I ended up not doing the new purchase, yet the package was sent registered on 09/08.

Today, 26/08, the packet arrived. just after 17 calendar days, little more than two weeks, surpassing my expectations. The package came without “drop shipment”, in other words, sent to the logo DealExtreme. He was sent as a gift (gift), product declared “Home Eletronics” and declared value of 35 Hong Kong dollars. Another notable difference is that the sender is not a mailbox, but a real address, for reasons unknown to. Check the photo package:

Pacote da DealExtreme

Packet DealExtreme

Regarding clock-thermometer-hygrometer, this came running perfectly, all the digits appearing, see photo below with the old and the new side by side, and note that the former lacks the first digit of the hour:

Relógio LCD com Termômetro e Higrômetro

Watch LCD Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer with the DealExtreme

Another point worth mentioning and that both clocks are showing values ​​close, and fully within the margin of error of these devices (+/- 1° C for temperature and +/- 5% for moisture), This means that the edge is correct, or at least that they are both equally missing.

Conclude that the DealExtreme acted correctly and quickly in product substitution, with superior service at any Brazilian store, I would certainly ask the defective product back, and maybe force me to pay the freight. The ShopDaMidia (the link, clear), for example, I should today the shipping of defective products returned, and ignored my numerous charges, in disregard of the consumer protection code. Furthermore, the DealExtreme still has borne the loss of the second product, probably running perfectly, that was lost or stolen at the Post Office or Customs of Brazil, despite being in Hong Kong, not subject to the Protection Code of the Brazilian Consumer, and without any personal relaxation of the blame for this Brazilian state that spends more time on strike than working (as well as customs staff). All before I continue buying and recommending DealExtreme.

And I'm here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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