Police arrest and loose car thief on the same day

Military police in patrolling the neighborhood Newfoundland, Rio Claro em, seized on Monday, a lower 15 years, involved with vehicle theft. In the adolescent's home found a scooter Honda Biz C100 ES, year 2001, green in color and with CGN-5033 card stolen in Rio Claro 24 June 2008. The boy had informed the police that it practiced in previous months the theft of two cars, a Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic which were in a residence in the neighborhood of Garden City and known to exist.

The minor was taken to the police on duty which was heard and released by authorities.

Source: Canal Rio Claro

There is something very wrong in a country that holds a thief, it is in each one bike stolen by the same, he confesses to two other thefts and at the end is “released by the authorities”.

When the rulers of this national project will take shame in the face and change these laws that protect bandits? Will be when the population and fill to see this kind of thing and solve the problem yourself? Will be resolved when riding a death squad to lynch or slaughtering smaller bandit who the police arrest and release on the same day?

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