Learn how to identify counterfeit batteries and genuine Sony batteries

Yesterday, after receiving my Pack c/ 4 Sony 2700mAh rechargeable AA Ni-MH Originals (Genuine Sony 2700mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries (4-Pack) of DealExtreme and to this little review, I decided to see if this new higher capacity model (2700mAh) had arrived in Brazil at least the alternative forms (embezzlement) já that loja da Sony, the SonyStyle, is still selling only models 2500mAh, Older.

So I went on eBay, where we have a wide variety of products descaminhados, and I just do not think AA Sony 2700 mAh by, but AA batteries for Sony 3600 e ate mAh 4300 mAh, Extremely high capacity that exist only in the imagination of the counterfeiters who produce, Picks and sellers still have the gall to say that these batteries are original. View a sample ad:

Anúncio de pilhas falsificadas no Mercado Livre

Announcement of counterfeit batteries on eBay

Note price is equivalent to 2 original batteries, 3 people have been deceived and seller must pick 100% of positive, being over 300 qualifications, which is a strong indication that people do not realize that these are fakes. Not only this, like other vendores, claim in their ads that is a Sony original product.

Now we see the counterfeit product a little closer (click to see full size):

Pilhas Sony falsificadas

Sony piles fake

Now for the evidence that it is fake: first battery capacity, 4300 mAh, is something that does not exist, nem a Sony, nor any other manufacturer can fabricate AA 4300 mAh, perhaps with the advancement of technology it is possible in the coming years, but for now the highest capacity that Sony can store in a stack is 2700 mAh, end of story. Anything above that is fake for sure, is logical that every seller will pick swear that is original, the vendor swore that is original, they are imported from Japan and there they already exist, etc. But be smart, ox is all talk to sleep, Pilha AA de 4300 No Year mAh 2008 and there is no end point, if you do not believe just check the site's own Sony. Here's the original battery pack I bought at DealExtreme:

Pack c/ 4 pilhas recarregáveis AA Sony 2700mAh Ni-MH Originais (Genuine Sony 2700mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries (4-Pack)

Pack c/ 4 Sony 2700mAh rechargeable AA Ni-MH Originals (Genuine Sony 2700mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries (4-Pack)

But when the battery has a capacity viable, that can actually exist? Then you should pay attention to other features, one is the holographic label, where you can read the inscriptions “SONY” and “GENUINE”, see photo of my original seal below and note that the packaging of the fake seller of the Free Market there is this seal:

Selo holográfico nas pilhas originais da Sony

Holographic seal on genuine Sony batteries

Selo holográfico nas pilhas originais da Sony

Holographic seal on genuine Sony batteries

After see also printing the packaging is good or has flaws, see if the plastic that surrounds the cells is thick and hard as the original or if it is thin and crumpled as the fake batteries, see if the plastic is glued right on the package or all crooked, compare the packages of original and fake up there and prove.

Now look at the back of the pack, note that Sony had the whim to put a lightweight perforated so you do not tear the whole package when it comes to removing batteries, Counterfeiters usually do not bother with it:

Parte traseira do Pack c/ 4 pilhas recarregáveis AA Sony 2700mAh Ni-MH Originais

Back of the Pack c / 4 Sony 2700mAh rechargeable AA Ni-MH Originals

The batteries also have a unique numbering in low relief on the plastic that covers, must be something related to year of manufacture, batch, etc. Counterfeiters often forget that:

Númeração nas pilhas originais Sony

Numbering in the original Sony batteries

The original battery has a discreet ring in low relief near the positive terminal, now the fake usually have a very deep ring, are the famous fake pescoçudas, see up there that the batteries of the Free Market Pick vendor has this deep groove, while the original photo below is just a much more shallow groove:

Pilhas originais Sony: sulco raso próximo do pólo positivo

Original Sony Batteries: shallow groove near the positive pole

On the positive terminal counterfeit batteries often have a thin and flat head, and a plastic ringlet, while the original as the photo below shows a head wider and slightly roughened, with large holes in its side, and a ring made with a paper looking rough and porous:

Polo positivo das pilhas Sony originais

Polo original Sony Battery positive

Polo positivo das pilhas Sony originais

Polo original Sony Battery positive

The negative terminal of the battery used to bring the original registration “HR” Intaglio, that has long been taken as evidence of originality, since they do not falsified. But counterfeiters began to insert their own HR, written so irregular means and with sunken deeper than the original battery, and many vendors now claim that their batteries were unique because they were the HR, still have some of these on eBay, and many people fell for that. So Sony decided to abolish the HR in the new models, check out the photo below taken from an original stack, Also note that the bottom has a certain relief, while counterfeit usually smooth:

Polo negativo das pilhas originais Sony (agora sem o HR)

Negative pole of the original Sony batteries (Now without HR)

All of the original finish is usually much better made than the fakes, a good visual inspection can reveal differences, Furthermore counterfeit batteries usually much lighter than the original:

Pilhas recarregáveis AA Sony 2700mAh Ni-MH Originais

Sony 2700mAh AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Originals

The charging time can also indicate whether the original cells, since the fake usually is not even half the capacity that promise, and thus terminate charging rapidly. Obviously when you use them too quickly or eventually may possibly even damage the device, therefore escape them. This smart charger Sony fakes usually reject defective (although not infallible), See the original cells carrying him:

Pilhas recarregáveis AA Sony 2700mAh Ni-MH Originais no carregador inteligente

Sony 2700mAh AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Originals on smart charger

Checking the amount of sales of fake batteries on eBay I see that the number of people duped is really great, and many of them end up not realizing they were duped to use the batteries a few times and realize they do not yield expected, and that they have already used original batteries to have a base to compare.

Information on the network does not lack, but unfortunately people do not research before buying, in a quick Google search I found great tips on sites like Clube do Hardware, ForumPcs, BoaDica and they tutorial do Zik, just be aware that some tips are worth more due to changes to the original: as the removal of HR and launching packages with 4 Batteries.

Completing: for purchases made personally watch out for details that informed this article, Internet shopping to choose well where vai buy and watch for details that can be observed in product photos (if they are actual photos of the product to be sent and no pictures obtained on the official website). I do not recommend buying on eBay, since the overwhelming majority there is false, if you hurry and do not mind spending a little more to buy in SonyStyle, since the Sony store hardly be selling a fake. If you want to save money and purchase the latest release recommend buying direct from China in DealExtreme, waiting an average of 15 a 30 days to receive the product, and with a small possibility of being taxed 60% do valor. Check out review my Pack c/ 4 Sony 2700mAh rechargeable AA Ni-MH Originals (Genuine Sony 2700mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries (4-Pack) acquired on DealExtreme by clicking here.

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even this very good tutorial! congratulations!!!

Patricia M goulart

very good, congratulations!!!
I ended up knowing I was deceived q tbém, thanks for clarification and the images prove the forgery q.


Congratulations and thanks for mto tips, I am looking to buy and have no idea what they observe many details. I'll be smart to not be deceived. Thanks!


Really have to disclose, eu was deceived, just to get an idea of ​​my old origianais 2100 carried in eight hours, I bought the fake 2300 carry at a time and not last of course nothing, I never imagined it could be buying a counterfeit product with such good print quality and bad quality batteries, to absurdo. Thanks.


Face, I found your site in a search on google for rechargeable batteries. Very good! I really liked the proposal from its site. This post, specifically, mto helped me to buy original Sony batteries in Sao Paulo: just thought counterfeit batteries, until I found the Av. Paulista package with 4 with all indicative of originality for $ 30,00 (2500 mAh) and charger like this q vc shows with stacks 2700 by R 70,0)! Acho que foi uma excelente compra 😀

Now I order something from dealextreme and see how I go out. Again, congratulations!


Could you tell me the model of your charger!


Good evening friend, My battery has all the characteristics you described, including my recarecador is also this photo, however load cells two days after day, the same shall not using them are completely discharged. Any idea what might be happening? Welcome!!


Good afternoon, I am interested in purchasing these batteries, and the DealExtreme comercializam, I have a doubt: them is free shipping to Brazil? Vou had pagar $17,50 only? You already bought that they can help me with this question? Thanks in advance!

Cleverson Alves

Good morning people! I found this article interesting. It is very complete. But Fabricio, I wonder if in your purchase, the battery charger was included AA. The website does not offer DealExtreme boots appropriate for these batteries. Can you help me in choosing and purchasing the kit (charger + battery) a good site? Thank you!


wave, boa noite 🙂 quero comprar pilhas da sony na casa e video, has that stamp "SONY" and "GENUINE" not seen yet, Hair Só site, everything seems to have this stamp, the closely imagm not given to read.. it may be original? is 2000mAh with two batteries by 30 real.. take my doubts pq bought a sony camera false and not pulled or 10 fts that descarregava, 'm already with trauma. é minha camera KODAK c913, Go endure it Pilha? because it takes almost no = / kisses and attention by obg, good week.


I am currently with Philips batteries,
last for quite some time, I now buy more from Sony, very cool tips


Another thing that I noticed and that is FACT, the weight of the batteries is also very different. The original half weighs more than one fasificada. If you're buying in a physical store (bazar, peddlers, etc.) and have an original to take along, it also serves as a comparative. Another tip, is that all originals, the cylinder head around the positive pole is about, already in false, can be any color, predominantly white even. Por fim, the boss of the positive pole of the original is always round, already in speech can have rectangular shape.

Francis Bruno Guedes

Thank you, efetuei already buying 4 Sony pilhas 2000 has already 4 years and never gave me hassle, but I need four more, and actually saw it on the open market until the batteries 6000 amp, q now you have made it clear, q I know to buy 2700 and still gotta fix some details, thanks for the tip.

Rodrigo Souza



Friend, enjoyed your topic and a long time bought all AA and AAA batteries Sony and unique following the tips from elsewhere that are very similar as their. More'm now need to buy more batteries and came across the new Sony batteries here in camelódromo of Uruguaiana in RJ none comes more with HR in the background and not to the side strap with engraved numbers, I was afraid to buy because it. Then I searched again on the Internet how to identify the NEW batteries sony false as most have not found anything about. I wonder if you have seen the new and packaging, the packages are now green with gray and white cells depending on the model, seen these ? You know how to identify if they are false ???

Adilson Vieira

Much like your comment, valeu or alerta!

Antoinette Andrade Medeiros

I found really cool explanation for always bought the emganadas now understood that good non original is worthless thanks he.

Antoinette Andrade Medeiros

this tip was a great importance to me .


need two Sony 2700mAh rechargeable batteries. U gets me pack up? Welcome…

marilia almeida

Congratulations on the site. Vc. could tell me which is the best rechargeable AAA battery to tel. Wireless Semp Toshiba? Grata.

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