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Some time ago I wrote this post, which gave continuity to a post anterior about backup tools, it said he was not satisfied with the performance of Acronis True Image, he makes a mess with the incremental backup scheme. I tried even do full backups only, yet sometimes the backup screws and is occupying 100% time of a core to solve someone stop it. So tired of it and decided to look for an alternative.

The first attempt was with the Second Copy, which I found very limited, can do well the task of synchronizing files (something that SyncBack does best in my opinion), but does not serve for more sophisticated backups, can only maintain multiple versions of the same file is to use no compression, then it gets hard…

The second trial was the Genie Backup Manager, and this seems like a good program backups and is doing well so far. Paste not only the selected files / folders, but also has option to back up Windows fonts, Windows registry, and selected program settings. You can also download plugins made by third parties, supporting configuration copy of other software that are not officially supported, like Mozilla Thunderbird. It also gives to make incremental copies, differential, etc. The destination can be a network path, a CD / DVD, an FTP, a USB stick, etc. but only tested the first option. The generated files are zip files, has its own extension (.gbp), but renamed to zip can be opened by WinZip, what I consider an advantage, for if the software der any problems so backups will still be accessible. Encryption can be used, and the user can choose between the standard zip format (weak) and AES 128, 192 or 256 bits (The more bits, but strong). It also gives to configure how many previous versions are kept. For example: I set up a daily backup, and there may be up 10 incremental and then a new full backup is generated, and the software keeps 3 last full backups and their increments (which will give about a month).

There is possibility of scheduling backups, This can be done by the program, but actually uses the Windows Task Scheduler, so the backup can be done even when the user is not logged in. It does not work as Windows service, This can be an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time, the advantage is that there is not a service running all the time, saves up memory, the disadvantage is depending on the task scheduler, which is not really a disadvantage. But, note that the option to “performing a task as soon as possible after a scheduled start has been lost” It has no way to be empowered by the program interface, you must use the task scheduler for it, modifying the option “Set” from “Windows Server 2003, Windows XP ou Windows 2000” to “Windows Vista ou Windows Server 2008”, as this option seems to be supported only by the latest versions of Windows client and server (respectively). I like to use this option because whenever I schedule backups for the night, but sometimes I decide to leave the micro asleep at dawn (or even when he sleeps alone is idle) but do not want the task to be ignored because of it, but that executes when the micro wake. During backups intense activity of hard disk is generated (including the record copy), so it's good to leave it when the system is idle.

An important thing I learned and that almost made me give up this program (and that in fact is not failure of this specific program, but happen to any other): to put targets a network path, always use the full path (type //micro / path / backup), never use a mapped drive (type And:\backup), because if you schedule the task by using the “Run whether user is logged or not”, the program will run without the path is pre-mapped, and so the backup fails silently. And it is difficult to detect error, as if the backup is performed manually or with the option “Run only when the user is logged”, fine run, because with the user logged in the drive will be mapped. I had seen it with Acronis long, but I forgot when configuring the Genie, so good I frizar here, If I come to forget the future and look for something on Google, maybe find my own article. 🙂

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